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So You Think You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
Well, now is your chance to find out!
On October 30th, 2013, Clint Argyle & Jared Mabey, successful Utah entrepreneurs, will be hosting the first annual "So You Think You Want To Be An Entrepreneur" E-Challenge. UVU students can participate in a series of fun activities and innovative challenges that will require teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, salesmanship, communications, and other entrepreneurial traits. The Challenge also includes a professional, fortune 1000-Grade Self-Assessment report, showing your strengths, behaviors, and motivators, and comparing them with other "E's" - a $200 value, COMPLIMENTARY for all registered students!

Following this event, selected students will be offered an apprenticeship in one of Mr. Argyle's and Mr. Mabey's start up companies. In this real life setting, they will learn invaluable insights through meaningful hands-on experiences while actually developing and launching new business. Interns will also have extensive networking opportunities with other successful entrepreneurs and respected business professionals. Those student interns who demonstrate commitment and innovation may also be offered full-time positions with the potential of becoming an equity partner-owner.

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When you register you get one entry for our drawing to win a FREE Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and each time you refer someone who registers you get an additional entry for each referral. The drawing to be done during the event on October 30th, 2013.



About Clint Argyle and Jared Mabey

Clint Argyle is a success serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several profitable ventures including Prime Alliance Bank, 1UtahHomes, KeyStone Learning Systems, 123 Genealogy, 123 Scrapbooking and Country Garbage. Most recently he has partnered with Jared Mabey and created Argyle Driven International and Steadfast Growth Industries. These are companies whose purpose is to start other E- companies. Combined, they are investors and/or founders to SurgeFront, Execuwin, vizkick, TekVitals, and Better World Junk.

Mr. Argyle and Mr. Mabey have developed a novel concept that will provide a significant opportunity for experiential learning in entrepreneurship for UVU students. With the multiple start-up ventures under their umbrella of a holding company, it creates a unique opportunity to develop talent to match their growing enterprises. The concept is to grow these start-up companies and to simultaneously develop the local talent needed to help them grow.