6 Steps to Hiring a Business Intern

For Employers

  1. DETERMINE THE NEED and details of the position
  2. SELECT AN INTERN SITE SUPERVISOR - a staff member who is committed to and capable of developing and supervising potential interns
  3. CONTACT the UVU WSOB Internship Manager
  4. SIGN a Master Internship Agreement
  5. POST the internship on the UVU Job Board
  6. HIRE: Recruit, interview, and hire your new intern

6 Steps to a Successful Internship

For Students

  1. IDENTIFY an internship that matches your skills, interests, and goals
  2. CONTACT the employer and apply for the internship
  3. MEET with WSOB Internship Manager to establish requirements and learning objectives to obtain college credit
  4. PREPARE: Complete the online orientation, which contains the information you need to get the most out of your internship
  5. FOLLOW through with instructions given by your WSOB Internship Manager
  6. EXPERIENCE the successes and challenges of the career world through your internship opportunity

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For more information about Woodbury School of Business Internships contact:

Jessica McArthur Career Corporate Development,
Woodbury School of Business