Hybrid Story


A 2011 Pew Research Study found that approximately 77% of the nation's higher education institutions offered online courses. With the technological landscape of higher education evolving, Utah Valley University's Woodbury School of Business is positioning itself to meet the needs of students by strategically expanding technology-based learning.

The Woodbury School launched a new, hybrid degree in hospitality management, beginning Fall 2012. The hybrid program is facilitated online, with a dedicated campus lab where students receive face-to-face instruction from professors. The course offers an online and on-campus experience designed to give students the resources necessary for success and increase the quality of time spent with professors.

"The unconventional schedule of students in the hospitality industry often leads to a higher non-completion rate," said Doug Miller, hospitality professor. "The flexibility of the hybrid degree is especially impactful for these students."

The Woodbury School is expanding the hybrid degree statewide, through a partnership with Salt Lake Community College. The partnership offers personalized tutoring programs in Salt Lake City, Heber and Orem.

The hybrid classroom format is also economically efficient, as it better utilizes parking space, classrooms and other facilities.

"We recognize there is a need for economically friendly alternatives for both the student and institution," said Miller. "This hybrid degree is that alternative. It's an innovative approach to convenient, quality education."

The unique format of the new, hybrid course allows students to work at their own pace, balance career and family, yet still maintain the academic standards and intellectual rigor of a traditional class.

The hospitality program at the Woodbury School is leading the business management industry, preparing students for management positions in hotels, resorts and restaurants.