Proficiency Exams

Every School of Business student is required to meet certain minimum computer proficiencies. The DGM 2010 course has been developed to give students those skills. This requirement ensures that School of Business graduates have the basic computer knowledge in order to be competitive in the work place.

In order to take DGM 2010, students must meet the pre-requisite of DGM 1010 or take a business computer proficiency exam. The exam and/or class goes over basic parts of a computer, internet and email and Word 2012. To test out of DGM 1010, you must call the Aculis Testing Center (CS612) at 801-863-8431 to schedule a time to take the test. The cost for the test is $55.00 (subject to change) and you must pass with an 80%.



For more information about the proficiency exams, please call 863-8431 or go to CS 612 in the Computer Science and Engineering building.