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How We Tutor

Writing Center tutors are happy to work with any UVU student, faculty, staff member, or community patron. As long as the person is seeking help with something written—regardless if it's a personal resume or a report for one of their classes—we are here to work one-on-one with them.

Who We Tutor

Peer tutors work hand-in-hand with students in FREE tutorial sessions. Instead of operating as a fix-it shop, we strive to coach students through their writing, thereby equipping them with the tools they need for future assignments. Our hope is to mold more confident, secure writers. 

Faculty Services

Class Visits

During the first few weeks of the semester, WC staff will visit writing intensive courses in order to inform students about writing center services. Visits typically take between ten and fifteen minutes to complete. Any faculty interested in scheduling a specific writing center visit can do so by contacting the Writing Coordinator at (801) 863 8099.

Touring the Writing Center

Bringing students to the WC campus location is a great way to promote WC attendance! Faculty can schedule writing center class tours at our main UVU campus location in LI 208. Tutors will introduce students to writing center services, scheduling processes, the WC computer lab, and additional academic resources in a brief 10-15 minute presentation.

Modeling the Tutoring Process

On request, tutors attending class visits or providing class tours are happy to model the tutoring process for students, illustrating in a five minute mock tutorial the conversational, peer style approach we use in our sessions. First time students to the writing center are often nervous about sharing their work, and a brief demonstration often empowers their confidence.

Dropping Off Assignments

The Writing Center welcomes instructors to drop off assignment guidelines for our tutors to reference during their sessions with students. However, we do not accept assignments from students to pass on to instructors or vice versa. Please make the necessary arrangements to have students drop off papers at your department mailbox or during your office hours. The Writing Center is not responsible for any lost papers.

Classroom Workshops

Workshop Format

WC workshops can complement in-class assignments and provide specialized academic strategies for writing of any discipline. In addition to regular writing center tutoring services, WC staff provide UVU faculty with in-class academic workshops on a variety of topics. Workshops typically last between 30 and 45 minutes and involve a mix of presentation, question-response, and student practice activities.

Workshop Topics

The WC provides workshops on a huge array of topics. For a complete list of WC workshop subjects, please click here.

In addition to our standard workshop subjects, faculty can request specialized workshops by contacting the WC coordinator at extension 8099.

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The Writing Center is a free service for students and the community.