Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing

  • Designing Writing Assignments
    This site, created by the Colorado State University Writing Center, provides helpful information on developing effective writing assignments and models for instructor use.
  • Composition Center
    Dartmouth College's Composition Center gives general information about teaching writing and specific ideas for writing in various disciplines.
  • Web English Teacher
    This site offers ideas for teaching writing and specific lesson plans. Information is divided by types of assignments.
  • Purdue OWL Handouts & Presentations
    Purdue's OWL gives instructors access to PowerPoint presentations and handouts on well over a hundred writing principles.
  • Evaluating Writing Assignments
    This site, created by Colorado State University, provides ideas, rubrics, and rational for evaluating student writing.
  • The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
    This is the sixth, and latest online version of The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing, a valuable resource for educators committed to teaching and researching writing.
  • College Composition and Communication
    An electronic version of the College Composition and Communication, an essential component of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) can be found at this site.

Writing Across the Curriculum

  • WAC Clearinghouse
    The WAC Clearinghouse offers history, research, and extensive resources in WAC.
  • WAC at NIU
    Northern Illinois University's WAC homepage contains an archive of materials, including WAC history and resources.
    This site offers information about Communication Across the Curriculum (CXC) work at Utah Valley State College.

Rhetoric and Composition

  • Resources for Rhetoric and Composition
    This site contains an extensive list of professional organizations, journals, and resources for rhetoric and composition.
  • Journals in Rhetoric and Composition
    This site, hosted by George Mason University, provides links to over 40 journals dealing with rhetoric and composition
  • Silva Rhetoricae: The Forrest of Rhetoric
    This site, created by Dr. Gideon Burton at Brigham Young University, provides an overview of classical rhetoric and definitions for rhetorical terms.

Computers and Composition

  • Kairos
    Kairos is a journal for teachers of writing in online environments and addresses issues surrounding learning and teaching using computer technology.
  • Computers and Composition Online
    This site is an online companion to the Computers and Composition Journal and provides research and resources for teachers who integrate writing and technology.


Practice Tests and Games

The Writing Center Practice Tests and Games sections have been disabled due to a software incompatibility issue with the new university web system. For your convenience, we have provided PDF versions of the Practice Tests that may be used at your leisure. We welcome you to use Practice Test content to create your own games and quizzes in your course Canvas section. For assistance with Canvas, contact the Innovation Center located in LI 213. 

Adverbs and Misplaced Modifiers



Avoiding Plagiarism

Basic Essay Organization

Capitalization and Apostrophes

Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-ons

Grammar Overview

Introductory and Non-Essential Elements


Parts of Speech


Punctuation and Mechanics

Sentence Parts