Writing Fellows Program

Mission Statement

The Writing Fellows program is designed to emphasize and facilitate continued writing education in discipline-specific courses with the intent to assist the students in developing academic standards of writing.

Program Description

Piloted in the Spring 2007 and Fall 2007 semesters, the Writing Fellows program is a central part of UVU's Writing Center.  Our program works with both the instructor and the student on an individual basis; it provides tutoring that is based on the elements of the specific discipline as well as the requirements of the specific instructor.  Each participating course has an assigned Writing Scholar who, together with the course instructor, designs a writing program specialized to meet the needs of that particular course.  The program generally involves writing assignments that includes either a mandatory or a recommended tutoring session with the scholar.  The instruction given during these sessions can vary from global issues, such as organization, style and voice, to local issues, such as grammar and word choice—all within the context of the discipline and assignment.