Graduate Writing Center

About the Graduate Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center exists to serve the needs of graduate students in education, nursing, and business at UVU as well as faculty members in all departments.

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment for the Graduate Writing Center, you follow the same procedure for making an appointment using MyWCOnline.

When you enter the website, click on the drop down menu in the center of the top of the page, and select "Graduate Writing Center Fall 2014".

How We Work

The Graduate Writing Center works with students one-on-one or in groups to address all order of writing concerns: argument, organization, style, and formatting. The goal of the Writing Center is ultimately to help students become independent professionals in their fields; thus, we work actively with students to identify concerns and make improvements at all stages of the research process. While we will gladly address questions of grammar and style during tutorials, we do not function as an editing service.

All Writing Center services are free to students. Appointments are usually one hour and walk-in appointments are often available.

We Concentrate On

  • Meeting standards of academic and professional writing
  • Pre-writing strategies for longer projects
  • Developing students' skills in writing, research, and citation
  • Providing chances to dialogue about research
  • Addressing individual questions and concerns

Writing Consultant

Rebecca Disrud holds a PhD in English through Indiana University, Bloomington. She holds two Master's degrees and has extensive experience in academic writing and editing for graduate and professional audiences. She has taught classes in literature, music, writing for the humanities, writing for the sciences, and also has a background in career services, specializing in resumes and cover letters. She has been at UVU since 2010, where she has worked with numerous graduate students on proposals, literature reviews, and theses.

Graduate Writing Center Hours

1 PM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday. 


Workshops are offered in the main library by the Writing Center throughout the academic year on topics such as APA citation, writing a literature review, academic style, proposals and abstracts, and many others.

Additionally, classes or groups of students may request a workshop visit on any topic at a special time, either in the classroom or in the library.

Check out the Workshop Schedule to see what's currently available.