UVU Presidential Report to the Community
Scaling New Heights


UVU President Matthew HollandTimeline

Dear Friends,

You may not know it yet, but Utah Valley University is one of the great educational success stories of the nation. As president of UVU, I feel it both my duty and honor to report to you — the public we serve — the new heights we have scaled.

For the past five years, it has been my privilege to work alongside a remarkable set of students, staff, and faculty who are transforming the educational and economic landscape of our community and beyond. I believe we are accomplishing this now with a unique dual mission, one that has established the breadth, rigor, and advanced training of a first-rate teaching university while retaining the access and trade and technical training of an open-admissions institution. In doing so, UVU now provides higher education for more Utahns than any other university in the state.

Key to this great achievement is the fact that student success stands at the heart of every program offered, every class taught, and every decision the University makes. Our formula for promoting this student success is a powerful combination of intellectual and professional seriousness about all we do, an active and practical engagement with the world around us, and an inclusive spirit of welcome for all.

As you consider the recent growth and innovation of this institution, and the marvelous accomplishments of our students and faculty, I invite you to enroll, invest, and engage with us for a future of even greater heights.

Warmest regards,

Matthew S. Holland

Matthew S. Holland
President, Utah Valley University

"This University is hardwired to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles with pluck and ingenuity. It is in our genes. We've been doing it since our inception in 1941, and look where we are today."