Frequently Asked Questions

Department Chairs and Deans

How do I login?

Your username will be your last name and the first 2 letters of your first name in that order. Your password should be the one that you came up with. Alternatively it may be whatever was sent to you by e-mail. If for some reason you can't remember your password, e-mail or call Michelle Tukuafu at or x8405. A password will then be sent to you in an email.

How do I access a Faculty Member's evaluation results?

  1. In the CRN space type in a "%" sign.
  2. Select the term you are looking for.
  3. In the College space enter the college code (i.e., BU, HS, TC, SH, AR, UC, etc.)
  4. Check the boxes next to the criteria you want, and click on Search.
  5. Find the instructor's name and click on it.
  6. Click on the number of evaluations taken for the class section you want the results for and wait for the report to be generated.
  • Note: The more criteria boxes you check, the longer it takes for the program to run the report.

It's not pulling up, why?

  • Check which browser are you using. There have been known complications with Internet Explorer 9. Try using Mozilla Firefox (best) or Chrome.
  • This system takes a little more time than usual to generate results, try waiting a little longer. 
  • It is possible that there is too much criteria specified for the search. Try your search again with less criteria. 

Once the names come up, do I click on the name or the number of evaluations taken?

Click on the instructor's name to bring up the list of classes that individual is teaching and then click on the number of evaluations taken to view the results of the surveys taken.

Can I print or e-mail evaluation page?

You can print the evaluation page, but please note that you will have print each class section separately.  


How do I access my SRI evaluation results?

You can access the SRI results from your myUVU. After logging in, click on the Faculty/Advisor tab and then the Teaching tab on the left-hand side. Your SRI evaluation results will be in a table on the right side of the screen under "Student Rating of Instruction."

Is there a way the survey can be resent to a student?

No, the surveys cannot be resent. Because the system provides complete anonymity, we cannot identify which survey to resend.

Is the survey anonymous?

All surveys are anonymous.

What if the student put down the wrong information, can they re-do the survey?

Because the system provides the student complete anonymity, we cannot identify which survey to reset for them. If the student has mistakenly entered the wrong information on their survey, they can provide feedback directly to the instructor or they can contact the department chair if they would like to remain anonymous.

Can the students see their grades before they take the SRI?

Grades that are submitted through myUVU/Banner are not available to the student until SRI's have closed. Grades that are placed in Canvas are not tied to Banner and are not official grades. We recommend that instructors make the students aware that the grade they can see in Canvas is not their official grade and does not include assessments outside of the Canvas environment.  

Is taking the survey mandatory?

Taking the SRI is mandatory in order for students to see their grades. 

What is the purpose of the SRI surveys?

The purpose of SRI surveys is to provide feedback from the students about their instructors, courses, and curriculum to help the university determine if improvements need to be made to insure the effectiveness of our programs. 

Crystal Reports

What do I click on once I have logged in?

Once you have logged into Crystal reports, you will click on the Document list. This option is located in two places: one is at the top of the page and the other is available on the menu on the starting page. 

How do I look at recent reports that have been completed?

Highlight or click on the report you want. Proceed to right-click on your mouse. It should bring up a menu, scroll down to "history". This action will pull up the entire history of the report.

How do I schedule a certain report?

Highlight or click on the report you want. Proceed to right-click it. This should bring up a menu, scroll down to "schedule".

What certain parameters is each report looking for?

Each individual report should have an example of what to put in the parameters box to help you figure it out. If you do not see this, go to the history of the report (see above). After this click on "Actions" which is located on the top left hand of the page. This should pull up a menu, scroll down and click on "Re-schedule report". This will help you to schedule a report as well as showing you an example of what the parameters for certain reports might look like. 

Why is my report failing?

Which browser are you using?

  • Please note that the browser which functions best with Crystal Reports is Mozilla Firefox. There have been know complications with Internet Explorer 9. If you are using IE9 please switch to Mozilla Firefox and see if this fixes the issue. 

Did you change the e-mail settings?

  • Please make sure that in the email settings there is your e-mail and/or your department chair's e-mail. The e-mail option does let you e-mail whomever the report needs to be sent to. 

Have the other categories such as the filters or the format been changed by you?

  • Please note that when working with the report, the destination section and parameters is all you should fill in. Anything else may cause the report to fail. 

Can I send the reports to more than one person?

Yes, you can. The e-mail option allows you to send the report to more than one person.

How often should I refresh my page to show my completed report?

Once you schedule a report, it will bring up the results page. Your report might show as pending on the results page. In order to refresh the page to show a completed report, please use the refresh icon on the right hand side of the results page. You should refresh the page approximately every minute. 

How do I tell if my report has completed?

Once you schedule a report it will immediately bring you to the results page. On the results page you will see a message that will show whether your report was successful or failed. If your report has failed, please see the troubleshooting options above.