Academic Technology Steering Committee

This is a strategic and coordinating committee for Academic Technology. The committee assesses strategic need and suitability of technology related to teaching and learning, makes recommendations about disbursement of academic technology funds, and coordinates implementation of IT solutions. The committee members provide communication from faculty and academic departments to the committee, and ensures information related to technology decisions, policy, and practice is communicated back to the same groups. ATSC recommendations are required to carry requests to President’s Council through the Executive Infrastructure Planning Committee for final adoption.


Associate Vice-President for Academic Administration
Kathren Brown, Committee Chair
Administrative Support for Academic Administration
Julie Hayden

College / School Representation:

Associate Dean, College of Health and Professional Services
Barbara Burr
Assistant Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Toni Harris
Associate Dean, College of Science
Jason Slack
Associate Dean, College of Technology & Computing
Keith Mulbery
Associate Dean, School of Education
Stan Harward
Associate Dean, School of the Arts
Jim Godfrey
Associate Dean, University College
Deb Marrott
Assistant Dean, Woodbury School of Business
Mikki O'Connor

Representative Support:

AVP-IT / CTO, VP Digital Transformation / CIO
Troy Martin
Director,  IT Project Management Office
Brett McKeachnie
Faculty Senate Representative
Diana Lundahl
Director,  Academic IT & Analytics
Laura Busby
Assistant Director,  Academic Enterprise Systems
Jason Hill
Sr. Director, Office of Teaching and Learning
Wendy Athens
Director, Desktop Support
John Berry
Assistant Director, Library Systems Technology Services
Tim Rowley
Director,  Audio / Video Services and Engineering
Travis Tasker