Mission Statement

The Primary mission of the Academic Standards Office at UVU is to promote students’ academic success and to assist those experiencing academic difficulty. The work of the Academic Standards Office is to assist students in discovering and accessing the personal or college resources that will allow them to reach their full potential. When students fall below the grade point average standard of 2.0, the programs of the Academic Standards Office are intended to bring them back on course toward academic success and graduation.



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  • Academic Standards Counselors care about their students as individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences, and employ a variety of advising methods to meet individual student needs as they plan their academic, personal, and professional goals.
  • Academic Standards Counselors provide information to their students using a variety of communication methods and soft skills
  • Academic Standards Counselors thoroughly understand resources and services available at UVU
  • Academic Standards Counselors model professional behavior
  • Academic Standards Counselors value learning, cultivate the potential for growth in students and are themselves curious and continuous learners. The learning and growth that happens over time is often reciprocal with benefits to both the advisor and student.
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