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What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching

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Why Participate in
Academic Coaching?


     Most Students Who Participate in
     Regular Academic Coaching...

  • Increase their semester GPA by nearly
    one full point or more and improve their academic standing.
  • Improve their ability to identify, plan,
    and reach their personal and academic

  • Are more likely to persist, and are
    more likely to be attending college one
    year  after coaching has ended.

About the Academic Coaches

Training & Certification


  • We are Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches and trained by JST ADHD & Life Coaching.
  • We are members of the newly formed Coaching in Higher Education Consortium (CHEC), a diverse community of professionals engaged in the art and science of coaching to empower student growth and success.
  • As members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we follow the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies. Some of our coaches also possess the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

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An Academic Coach IS... 


  • An equal thought-partner in the coaching process.
  • An action-catalyst with accountability.

  • A facilitator of exploration, goal-setting, and      action-planning.
  • An advocate for student empowerment through support and structure.      

An Academic Coach IS NOT... 


  • An academic advisor.
  • A tutor.
  • A therapist.
  • Your parents.
  • An opinion-giver and problem-solver.

Academic Coaching Options

Who Can Participate in Regular Academic Coaching?


  • Students on any level of Suspension or Dismissal standing are asked to participate 
    in Academic Coaching at least once a month, until they return to Good Standing, up to 10 sessions a semester.
  • Students on any other level of standing, including Good Standing, may participate in
    up to 4 coaching sessions a semester, as resources allow.

suspension and dismissal coaching options

other standings options

Fall 2020 - Spring 2022 Academic Coaching Stats




Ready to Get Started?

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Meet With an Academic Coach

Do you feel like you need a one-on-one partnership to work on academic strategies and habits, school/life balance, goal-setting, and self-insight?

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Meet With an Academic Tutor

Do you feel like you need a certified peer tutor to focus more on a specific course or subject?