Remove Holds

Your academic standing will determine how you will get it removed.

There are many reasons why you may have a hold on your account, and they don’t all come from Academic Standards. Academic Standards can put holds on your account according to your Academic Standing. The hold you have will determine how you will get it removed. See “View Holds” to check if your hold is a Standards hold.


Other examples of holds might be: 

AC - Academic Clearance: Meet with your major advisor
OH - Orientation Hold: Contact the orientation Office 
HSCE - High School Concurrent Enrollment: Contact the Admission Office
NDSK - Non-Degree Seeking: Contact the Admission Office

Academic Warning Hold

Complete the Academic Warning workshop and the related quiz.

Note: If this is your first time on Academic Warning, the hold will be removed after you finish the quiz with 100%. If you have ever been on Academic Warning before, you will need to contact your major Academic Advisor after completing the workshop and quiz to clear your hold.

Academic Warning Workshop

Academic Probation hold

Complete the Probation Workbook.

Take the completed Probation Workbook with you to meet with your major Academic Advisor.

Probation Workshop

Continued Probation hold

Complete the  Continued Probation Workbook.

Meet with an Academic Standards Counselor. Take your completed workbook with you to meet with the standards counselor.

Continued Probation Workshop

Suspension Hold

You must sit out for at least one semester. While sitting out, you will need to submit a Petition for Suspension Review.

Your hold may be removed after the petition has been reviewed and additional steps outlined have been completed. 

Petition for Suspension Review