Remove Holds

There are many reasons why you may have a hold on your account! To view your holds, go to myUVU > Students tab > Enrollment Tasks.

Academic Standards Holds

AW – Academic Warning and AP – Academic Probation: First-Year Counselor or Major Advisor

CP - Continued Probation, AS - Academic Suspension, and AD - Academic Dismissal: Academic Standards Counselor/Coach

To start the process of removing Academic Standards holds, please visit our Academic Standings & Holds page.

Other UVU Registration Holds

Below are the most common types of registration holds you may see that are unrelated to Academic Standards (and who to contact to get them removed).

AC – Academic Advisor Clearance: First-Year Counselor or Major Advisor

CE – Owes High School Concurrent Enrollment Payment

HS – Student Health Services

DP – Department Approval: Major Advisor

HSCE – High School Concurrent Enrollment: Admissions

IS – International Student Services

LB – Library

NDSK – Non-Degree Seeking: Admissions

OH – Orientation

OT – Owes Tuition: Cashier

PS – Parking Services

WO – Outstanding Payment: Cashier