Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

BA 105 Scholarships: (801) 863-8443/ Financial Aid: (801) 863-8442
We offer a comprehensive and varied program of financial assistance including grants, loans, work, and scholarships. The purpose of financial aid is to help eligible students bridge the gap between what they and their families can be expected to pay and what it will cost to attend college.

Financial aid is awarded on the basis of need and other eligibility criteria established by Federal and Institutional regulation and policy. All such regulations and policies are subject to change without notice. There is no discrimination because of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy-related condition, handicap, or status as a veteran.

Multicultural Center

WB 146 (801) 863-8357
The Utah Valley University Multicultural Center is proud to provide a full range of support services targeting American minorities, but not excluding others. Our mission is to promote educational opportunities and intercultural enrichment for diverse heritage students and the college community of UVSC. We believe in nurturing student achievement and developing relationships that will support student success, academic growth, retention, and completion of educational programs.

Student Support Services

WB 100 (801) 863-8541
Student Support Services offers mentoring, tutoring, and academic support for first generation, low income students. TRiO is a federally funded program that provides ongoing support throughout a student's college career. The main purpose of TRIO SSS is to provide services which encourage and assist eligible students to remain in college and to graduate with their bachelor degrees. A secondary purpose is to foster an institutional climate supportive of TRIO SSS eligible students.

To be eligible for TRIO SSS services a student must be a U.S. citizen and fit in one or more of the following categories: low income student, first-generation student, and/or a student with disabilities.

UVU’s TRIO SSS program is funded to serve 150 participants. Because of our high retention rates—typically over 80% retention from fall to fall—there are usually only 30 to 40 slots that are available for new participants each year. Interested students can stop by the TRIO SSS Offices in WB-145 and speak with a counselor and fill out an application.

Educational Opportunity Center
WB 146s (801) 863-8357
Barney Nye, Educational Opportunity Center Director, in Multi-Cultural Office can discuss financial resources that may assist you in your education.