Academic Holds

Why do I have a hold?

There are many reasons why you may have a hold on your account, and they don’t all come from Academic Standards. Academic Standards can put holds on your account according to your Academic Standing. The hold you have will determine how you will get it removed. See our “Remove Holds” page for more info.

What is "Academic Standing"?

Academic Standing is your academic performance resulting from your grade point average (GPA). It is related to UVU Policy 521: Undergraduate Academic Standards, which includes the requirement to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain in Good Standing.

See our "Academic Standings" document for details.

How do I remove an Academic Standards Hold?

The hold you have will determine how you will get it removed. For Academic Warning (AW), Academic Probation (AP), or Continued Probation (CP), see the Workshops page. For Academic Suspension (AS) or Academic Dismissal (AD), see the Petitions page.

Do I have to complete the digital workbook before I meet with my academic advisor or Standards counselor?

YES! The digital workbook provides valuable information for your advisor or counselor and gives you time to consider why you may be struggling academically. You can access workbooks through the Workshops page.

I've done the Warning Workshop and Quiz but my hold has not been removed.

If this is your first time on Academic Warning, the hold will clear after you finish the quiz.

If you have ever been on Academic Warning at UVU before, even while in concurrent enrollment courses, you must contact your first-year counselor or major advisor to clear your hold after completing the workshop.

Try using a different browser. Sometimes applications like the warning workshop link work better in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

It is possible due to technology and application upgrades the link is temporarily unavailable. Wait 24 hours and then try again. If it is still not working please let Academic Standards know: (

I had a really good semester, why am I still on Continued Probation, Continued Suspension, or Continued Dismissal?

UVU policy requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain in Good Standing. We recognize that you may have met or exceeded the required 2.0 semester GPA, but your cumulative GPA has not yet reached the 2.0 required for Good Standing! 

Will my Academic Standing and Holds affect Financial Aid?

Though Financial Aid is also affected by Academic Standing, our office does not handle those issues. You can learn more about Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) here.


Why do I have to do Grade Checks?

Grade checks are required for students on Continued Probation, Academic Suspension, and Academic Dismissal. It is our department’s opportunity to connect with you to make sure classes are going well and you have access to the resources you need to be successful through the rest of the semester.

Do I have to meet with Academic Standards every semester?

It is possible that you may be on Continued Probation, Continued Suspension, or Continued Dismissal for multiple semesters, until your cumulative GPA reaches a 2.0 and you move back to Good Standing.

During this time, you are required to maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher and meet with a Standards Counselor to continue to plan for your success. 

How do I check the status of my Suspension or Dismissal Petition?

Make sure you are checking your myUVU Gmail account. All official notices regarding your petition will be sent to your official UVU email.

Petitions can take anywhere from two to four weeks to review after the submission deadline.

If you still have questions about your petition, and have not heard anything through your UVU email, contact our department at 801-863-8075 or ASAP!

If I'm still having academic challenges, who should I talk to?

You are always welcome to meet with any of the Standards Counselors for help.

We also partner with the Learning Strategist, Academic Tutoring, and the Writing Center

Withdrawals & Course Retakes

What is the difference between an Official Withdrawal (W), an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW), and an E grade?

An Official Withdrawal (W) can only happen during the first part of the semester through the online registration system. Check the student timetable for the Official Withdrawal deadine. W’s do not count toward your GPA.

A “UW” is an Unofficial Withdrawal and is given when you stop attending class for any reason without officially withdrawing from the course. It is counted like a failing grade in your GPA.

An "E" grade is a failing grade.

I have an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) in a class. How can I remove this?

The UW will remain on your transcript, but you can retake the class in order to replace the grade in your GPA calculation and have it pull into Wolverine Track.

In the case of “extenuating circumstances,” you can petition the Registrar to replace the UW with a W grade. Complete and submit an Academic Petition form. You will need documentation for your claim. 

If I have to repeat a class does the first grade stay on my records?

Yes. Your grades will remain on your transcript and Wolverine Track as a record. However, the most recent grade is the grade used to determine your GPA (even if your most recent repeat is a lower grade). 

The only exception is if the course is an “R” course (e.g., SLSS 100R). These courses are intended to be repeated multiple times for credit, so we cannot replace those grades through retakes.

If I take the same class at another school will it replace my grade?

No. You must retake the same course at UVU in order to have it replaced.

Can I take a similar class and have it replace a poor grade?

No, UVU requires that you retake the exact same course number. If you got an E in Math 1050, you will need to retake Math 1050 to replace the grade. Math 1040 will not replace that grade.

However, you do NOT need to take it from the same teacher or the same format (i.e., you can do an online class as a face-to-face class for your repeat or vice versa).

What happens if I get really sick or for some reason can no longer attend school after the withdrawal deadline has passed?

If you have extenuating circumstances such as a serious illness or a death in the family, you can file a Late Withdrawal Petition before the end of the semester. You will need documentation for your claim.

If your petition is granted, your classes will show up as an Official Withdraw (W), and it will not affect your GPA.