About Virtual Study Hall

“A body double is someone who sits with a person while they perform tasks that are difficult to accomplish alone.” Patricia Quinn, MD

Some UVU students may struggle with task motivation, activation, and completion. Combine this with online learning and social distancing, and it gets even more difficult! Many students have reported feeling isolated or lonely. 

Academic Standards created a daily Virtual Study Hall to offer students a quiet virtual space to work alone, together! We meet for one hour.  Students can use this time to study, read, research, write, organize, etc. By offering virtual body doubling we provide a combination of accountability, community, and social interaction. NOTE: This is not tutoring!

“When we have company we have less trouble getting things done. When someone else is there we tend to settle into the activity faster and complete it faster, which leads us to even more productive behaviors. It’s like a Jedi mind trick.” Liz Lewis.

When and How to Join

Fall 2021 Hours


To Join


  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Join Virtual Study Hall Team
  3. Access the Team at the scheduled study hall time for that day.
  4. Join the meeting once it’s started! 
  5. Hang out for an hour – study apart, together!