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Boost your learning and take advantage of free one-on-one support where certified peers tutors help you navigate homework assignments, plan out projects, and prepare for tests. To help every learner at UVU, we have five labs across campus and both face-to-face and online modes available.

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In-Person Hours and Locations

In-person sessions are available Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm by appointment only. We are only offering drop-in tutoring in our Science Lab at this time. To schedule an appointment, visit uvu.upswing.io or call 801-863-5376. Appointments must be scheduled for 30 minutes on the hour or half hour. To allow time for our staff to sanitize before the next student arrives, sessions will last for 25 minutes. Please leave the lab promptly once your appointment is finished. When you arrive for your appointment, please wait outside the lab doors in the hallway. At the time of your session, an office assistant will invite you to enter the lab. Please note that masks are required to enter the labs. Bring your UVID with you to your appointment.

Science Lab

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Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 4 pm
Drop-in tutoring now available

LA 201

Science tutors offer support for biology, chemistry, physics, and zoology courses.

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Business Lab

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Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 4 pm
by appointment only

WB 111

Business tutors offer support for accounting, management, economics, and finance courses.

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Computer Science Lab

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Tuesday - Wednesday: 10 am - 4 pm
by appointment only

CS 726

Computer science tutors offer support for computer science courses.

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Engineering & Tech Lab

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Exclusively online for the Spring 2021 semester

E & T tutors offer support for information systems, information technology, information management, engineering, engineering design, and digital media courses.

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Online Tutoring

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Monday - Saturday
See our Online Tutoring page for more info

Online tutoring may be available for your courses! Log-in to our online platform and search for your course for more information.

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*All locations are closed on UVU and national holidays.

Why Should I Visit Peer Tutoring?

Science Lab

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College is difficult to do on your own. Our support services are staffed by experienced peer tutors who assist students in navigating the challenges associated with their coursework.

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Business Lab

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All students need reassurance. Our staff instills confidence in students by listening carefully, asking strategic questions, and offering resources and advice grounded in best practices for lasting learning.

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Computer Science Lab

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Peer-to-peer sessions can build self-efficacy and autonomy. We believe that when you remove grades and evaluation from the equation, students are able to explore new areas of interest and advocate for themselves in unique ways.

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FAQ for Peer Tutoring


Want to find out more about drop-in tutoring? What to expect when you visit a lab? How you can schedule an online appointment? Feel free to explore below or contact our peer-tutoring coordinator Laurie Toro if you have further questions.

Q. What is peer-tutoring?

Peer-tutoring is, perhaps, one of the most traditional forms of academic support. In our model, students who have previously taken the course and received a B or better will work alongside students to help them interact more deeply with their ideas. It’s important to note that tutors aren’t there to provide answers—they’re there to engage with questions and strategies.

Q. How much does tutoring cost?

It’s free. In fact, all our services are free. It’s as simple as that.

Q. What courses are supported by peer-

We have a little bit broader support with peer-tutoring than we do Supplemental Instruction, covering classes from business, computer science, engineering and technology, and science. We try to focus on foundational courses, but we can also provide support in some upper-division courses as well depending on the semester. If you have questions about coverage in a particular course, don’t hesitate to reach out to our peer-tutoring coordinator, Laurie Toro.

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Q. What do peer-tutors do?

The primary responsibility of peer-tutors is to guide students through exercises that emphasize and reinforce important concepts covered in class. They work with you to see what you currently understand and how to get you to the next stage of comprehension. And because each individual will have unique needs, we might help you with a variety of things, including interpreting assignments, understanding complex readings, brainstorm ideas to get you started or unstuck, and asking questions about your ideas.

Q. What don’t peer-tutors do?

Like all of our services, peer-tutoring should never be an alternative to class time. Tutoring sessions are not mini-lectures, and peer-tutors are specifically taught to avoid re-lecturing in their sessions. Instead they are trained to guide and facilitate student collaboration as a way of helping students review material on their own. Additionally, peer-tutors should not be treated as an answer key to proof homework or correct exams. In fact, you will need explicit permission from your professor to work on evaluative assignments like quizzes, tests, and exams.

Q.Can I be a peer-tutor?

Absolutely you can. Each position has slightly different requirements, but generally speaking each position will require a resume, cover letter, and a tentative schedule. You will also need an idea of which courses you would tutor for. Other materials like transcripts, professor recommendations, and course preferences are recommended but not required.

Q. I’m a professor and want peer-tutoring support for my course—what do I do?

First, thank you for your interest in our program. We appreciate your support and would love to help where we can. With that said, we do have a few requests for the faculty we support.

Our first request is that you are mindful of the limited resources in the department. While we would like to have a tutor for every section of every course, the reality is that a number of factors force us to prioritize certain classes each semester. With that in mind, we do try to allocate support where it will have the biggest impact on student experience, and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to work something out.

The next request is that you send us recommendations for those you think would make effective peer tutors. While we can’t hire every student that’s recommended to us, faculty endorsements help us know who might be a good fit for a particular course.

The last request is that you contact us before the semester begins. The Academic Tutoring department has a lot of moving parts, and it’s incredibly difficult to begin support for a class in the middle of a semester. Instead, please contact us the semester before the one in which you would like support. For inquiries, please reach out to our peer-tutoring coordinator—Laurie Toro.

Q. I’m a professor and want to encourage my students to visit the drop-in labs—is there a syllabus statement I can use?

You’re more than welcome to use the following statement in your syllabus.

This course is supported by peer tutors from Academic Tutoring, a free program that offers you additional resources for developing study strategies and learning course content. Our tutors have previously completed this course and understand the concepts well enough to help you work through questions you have. While tutors will not complete/correct homework for you or help you on take-home tests or quizzes, they will help you understand and reinforce concepts that you are learning in your classes.

Depending on the subject, drop-in tutoring will be in one of our four labs across campus. Additionally, for online tutoring sessions, visit uvu.upswing.io where you can find help by searching for a particular class.

Please see the professor if you have further questions regarding the peer-tutoring program, or you can also contact UVU’s department of Academic Tutoring by calling 801-863-5521.

Also, visit our faculty resource page to find out more ways Academic Tutoring can support your classes.

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