Wolverine Track Degree Audits

Wolverine Track Degree Audits

Wolverine Track is UVU's degree evaluation (audit) program. It lists the detailed requirements for a specific degree and includes the courses a student has earned from UVU, plus accepted courses transferred from other institutions.

"My Grad Track" is the most common view for students who want to check their academic progress towards graduation.  "My Grad Track" is composed of three areas: Degree Summary, General Education requirements and Core Classes.   Students can also access a "Registration Checklist," which gives a snapshot of classes needed to be completed before graduating. This option also allows students to view each class and sections available for registration.

A Degree Audit using Wolverine Track provides a complete picture of student progress. It is comprised of the following major sections depending on the type of degree.

  • Personal Information
  • Degree Progress (in per cent %) based on the number of green checked boxes
  • Degree Summary
  • General Education
  • Core Classes required for each major
  • Courses Not Applied
  • Insufficient courses
  • In-progress courses
  • Not counted courses
  • Split credits

When reviewing your audit you are looking for both Met ( green checked boxes) and Not Met (empty red boxes) to determine your progress.  Be cautious with the Degree Progess in per cent %. For example, 97% complete is computing completed or checked boxes, not credits completed.  

Wolverine Track includes Graduation, Term and Advice calculators. For more information about how to use Wolverine Track, stop by any Instant Information desk around campus or see your major advisor.

The Degree Audit may be used by students admitted to UVU.  To access Wolverine Track, you will need to know your UV ID and password to login to UVLINK (if you do not know your password, type in your birthdate: ddmmyy).

How to Obtain a Wolverine Track Degree Audit

(Read or Print all Instructions prior to linking to UVLINK).
Wolverine Track will only produce audits for students who are "active." Inactive students must re-apply for admission to use Wolverine Track .

  1. From the Utah Valley University home page (http://www.uvu.edu) select UVLINK.
  2. The UVLINK login page requires you to type in your UV ID and password.  If you do not know your UV ID, there is an option for you to get it.
  3. Once you have logged into UVLINK, you will be in the "Home" tab, where you can view school announcements, check your UVLINK mail and look up other information.
  4. In UVLINK select the "Student" tab and this tab is where you can do many of the functions required by a student.
  5. In the UVLINK "Student" tab look for the "Student Business" section and look for the link to Wolverine Track.
  6. Select the "Wolverine Track/Graduation" link . Wait while the program opens your degree audit.
  7. Note: When finished, DO NOT FORGET TO LOGOUT.

If you experience problems attempting to run Wolverine Track, please stop in and see your major advisor.