Deciding on a Career

This can be an overwhelming topic at any time in your life, especially for college students who are just starting to look at a future.

It all starts with you. Nothing works 'till you do. You might want to explore what the CollegeBoard folks have to say. Just do it!

Where to start and how to go about this process can be full of anxious moments. The good news is the Academic Counseling Center (ACC) has a vast number of career resources to assist you. How much do you know about you? Get started now, you'll be glad you made the first move.

You can start by making an appointment or dropping by to see your major advisor. It is a journey and will take some serious commitment, time and energy. But hey, you're worth're talking about the rest of your life.

If you don't do anything else, go ahead and at least find out how much your anticipated lifestyle will cost.  It's guaranteed to give you a reality check!