Career Exploration Experience

UVU's Student Success Studies has two exciting classes that can help students gain more clarity in choosing a major.

You can take CLSS 2100 without a pre-requisite class, but CLSS 281R requires department approval and co-requisite registration with CLSS 2100.

CLSS 2100

Career and Major Exploration
2:2:0 Su, F, Sp
For students seeking help in the selection of majors and careers. Assesses and clarifies interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics. Explores college majors, careers, and the world of work. Integrates knowledge of self with career options. Teaches decision making skills to help students make well informed career decisions and goals. Develops an action plan for graduation.


1 to 8:5 to 40, F, Sp
Provides supervised, practical and professional experience for students exploring a variety of career areas. May be repeated for maximum of 8 credit hours.

Make sure you check out our Career Decisions if you have more questions about career exploration. It's always a smart move to see you major advisor throughout your college experience to fine tune your career choices.