Frequently Asked Questions

What degrees are offered at UVU?

How do I find my advisor?

Go to myUVU --> 'Student tab'--> 'My Academics' -->'Find your academic advisor'. From the drop down menu find the major you're interested in and your counselors contact information will appear. If you are undecided you can meet with any of the UVST advisors in our office. 

I can't get in with my major advisor, can you remove my advisor hold?

Our office only advises for Undecided, University Studies, and Pre-Professional students. We cannot advise or remove holds for other majors, we strongly recommend you to talk with your major advisor. You may need to wait another week but it could prevent you from taking the wrong classes and spending an unnecessary $1000.

I'm just doing generals, do I have to meet with my major advisor?

Each major has their own specific set of required general courses. There can be overlap between majors such as Math and English but save yourself both time and money by talking to the right person and meet with your major advisor. 

How do I send my transcripts to another school?

Where do I send my transcripts when applying to UVU?

After you have applied to UVU, have official transcripts from all prior institutions mailed or electronically sent to UVU:


Utah Valley University
Attention: Admissions Office
800 W University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058-6703


Have prior institutions e-mail secured/certified official electronic transcripts to

For questions call 801-863-8216 or visit the transfer students website.

I’m coming from another university which credits transfer to Utah Valley University?

You can visit our Transfer Articulation Database. If your school isn’t on the list or if the classes you are trying to transfer aren’t listed you can call the transfer office at 801-863-8216. Or email them at

What can I do for housing?

There are many affordable apartment complexes located within walking distance of campus. For more information contact the housing department at 801-863-8659 or visit their website.

What is Accessibility Services?

The ASD helps students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations. A variety of services, software and equipment for students with a wide range of disabilities is provided. You can contact them at 801-863-8747 or visit their website.

I’m going on an LDS mission, can my parents sign me up for classes?

Yes! But only if you have completed what is called the Student Release of Information form. This can be done in person at Registration or online by logging in to (you will find the form under "My Academics" on the Student Tab).

I’m a parent and this is my first child going to college. Are there any resources for me?

Don’t worry parents, we have a page just for you! It answers a lot of questions you may have and is a great resource to keep referring to.

FERPA (Student Release of Information Form)

If you want or need someone to have access to your records and be able to act on your behalf, you will need to give them proper permission. Without the completed form we are not allowed (by the FERPA law) to disclose any information about you to anyone else; this includes: spouses, parents, siblings and friends. You can fill out the form online at (the form can be found under "My Academics" on the Student Tab) or through the Registration office.

I’m a Non-Traditional student looking to come/return to school. Where do I start?

Turning Point is a great resource for Non-Traditional Students. Visit their website

Is there Tutoring offered at UVU?

Both online and in person tutoring is available. Learn more about their resources.

When do I need to fill out a leave of absence and why?

Even if it’s for one semester you are required to fill out a leave of absence if you register for classes and choose not to take them. You can find the leave of absence form online.

Who do I talk to about Financial Aid?

Our advisors will not be able to help you with your financial aid questions. There are designated advisors to help you with your Financial Aid needs, they are located in BA-105. Financial Aid & Scholarships