Dr. Kevin Smith

Welcome to the Accounting department within the Woodbury School of Business.

We hope you will find a community devoted to preparing students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience for careers and success in the business world. Rigorous academics, career-focused professional development, mentorship, and participation in engaged experiences prepare our graduates to succeed in their chosen careers.

Our undergraduate program combines general education, business common core, and major-concentration requirements to deliver a well-rounded curriculum to meet our students’ needs. Our business curriculum applies theory to real-world problems so that students are prepared to achieve that successful outcome, whether entering a new career or advancing within their career. Course schedules provide flexibility to accommodate full-time students, as well as students combining their education with work and other responsibilities.

Many of our faculty bring relevant professional experiences to the classroom. They strive to keep their classrooms interesting, current, and dynamic, with a focus on the practical application of business theory to real-world problems. Our students not only develop expertise in their business discipline, but also the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems. This combination of skills prepares our graduates for success in the global marketplace.

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Kevin Smith, Ph.D.
Chair, Accounting

Portrait of Kevin Smith - Department Chair

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Department Chair: Kevin Smith
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Department Office: WB 134
Admin Assistant:  Leah Gunderson
Office: 801-863-8526

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