Year Seven

NWCCU Year Seven Self-Evaluation

UVU will undergo a Year Seven Evaluation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, our regional accreditor, in Fall 2017. This is the major periodic evaluation by the commission that reaffirms our status as an accredited institution eligible to offer federal student aid.

 As part of the process UVU must prepare a self-study demonstrating its compliance with NWCCU standards for accreditation. Standards One, Three, For, and Five address the development, assessment, and fulfillment of UVU's mission, and is prepared primarily by Planning, Budget, and Human Resources and the University Planning Advisory Committee. Standard Two documents that UVU has the resources and capacities to fulfill our mission and is completed by the executives responsible for the appropriate university functions.

 Accreditation Overview Presentation

 Year 7 Report Link

Year Seven Report with active links available through

Jeff Johnson (801) 863-8993.



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UVU Accreditation Office

For additional information, contact the UVU Accreditation Office - Linda Makin at 801-863-8457 or

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