Purpose of an Advisory Board

Utah Valley University appreciates the vital contributions of community leaders serving on our advisory boards. Advisory board members enrich the student experience and strengthen the institution through expertise, support, insight, and private resources. This policy outlines the purpose of advisory boards, their governance, and supports advisory board members in their service to the University.

Procedure for Establishing an Advisory Board

  1. Individuals wishing to establish an advisory board must complete the Advisory Board Charter Form provided by Office of General Counsel and available on UVU’s website www.uvu.edu/admin/advisory_board_policy.html for submission to a chartering university executive.
  2. The Advisory Board Charter Form must include (1) the type of advisory board being created; (2) the mission, purpose, goals, and scope of the advisory board; (3) proposed membership of the advisory board; (4) terms of service for board members; (5) proposed advisory board officer positions, responsibilities, and terms of services; and (6) specific functions and expectation of advisory board members, including frequency of meetings. If a charter deviates from the standard template, then the chartering university executive or designee, in conjunction with General Counsel, shall review.
  3. The chartering university executive shall submit the completed Advisory Board Charter Form to President’s Council for review and approval.
  4. Upon approval by President's Council, the chartering university executive or their designee have authority to invite members to serve on the advisory board.
  5. With approval of the chartering university executive, an advisory board may establish bylaws and subcommittees, as necessary, to accomplish its purpose and goals.