February 10, 2011
7 p.m. - SC213c

  1. Academic Calendar for 2012-13
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  2. Curriculum
    3 Yr. Follow-up Report: BA Deaf Studies
    3 Yr. Follow-up Report: ASL and Deaf Studies Education
    3 Yr. Follow-up Report: Software Engineering
    Addition of Emphases in Information Systems BS program:
    • Business Intelligence Systems (addition)
    • Geographic Information Systems (addition)
    • Healthcare Information Systems (addition)
    Restructure of emphases in Fine Arts BFA program:
    • Fine Arts (discontinuation)
    • Painting and Drawing (addition)
    • Sculpture and Ceramics (addition)
    Addition of emphasis in Technology Management BS program for Construction Management
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  3. Trustee Awards of Excellence*
    Trustees Janette H. Beckham and TJ Fund
  4. Tenure Requests*
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  5. Rank Advancements*
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  6. Sabbatical Requests*
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  7. Honorary Degrees
    Steven J. Lund, Board of Trustees Chair
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Tab 3 (docx)
  1. Minutes of December 9, 2010/January 7, 2011 Board of Trustees Meetings
  2. Human Resources Report for September, October and November 2010*
  3. Investment Report for November and December 2010
  4. Bookstore Point of Sale System
  5. Repair and Replacement for LA Building classroom media technology
  6. Novell GroupWise and NetWare migration to Microsoft technology
Tab 4 (docx)

Tab 5: Nov (pdf), Dec (pdf)
Tab 6 (docx)
Tab 7 (doc)
Tab 8 (doc)
  1. Campus Report
    President Matthew S. Holland
  2. Legislative/Budget Update
    Val Hale, Vice President University Relations
  3. Policy Update
  4. Accreditation Self-Study Commendation and Recommendations
    Linda Makin, Budget, Planning and Policy Chief

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Tab 10 (pdf)
* Enclosed separately  
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify Ed Martinelli at (801) 863-8643(801) 863-8643, or at WB-146m, Utah Valley University, 800 West University Parkway, at least three working days prior to this meeting.