June 16, 2011
7 p.m. - SC213c

  1. Resolution of Appreciation for Janette Hales Beckham
  2. Oath of Office for Christopher Loumeau and Curtis Morley 
  3. Nomination for Boar Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary 
  4. UVU Food Court Contracts 
  5. MATC Lease - Wasatch Campus
  6. Northeastern Utah Educational Services (NUES) Agreement - Wasatch Campus
  7. Power Easement - Wasatch Campus
  8. UDOT Permanent Easement (returned from last meeting)
    Val Peterson, Vice President Finance and Administration
  9. Policies:
    132. University Data Collection and Research
    135. Use of Copyrighted Materials *
    Linda Makin, Chief Planning, Budget and Policy Officer
    360. FMLA - temporary emergency
    Val Peterson, Vice President Finance and Administration
    503. Registration Processes
    521. Undergraduate Academic Standards
    Cory Duckworth, Vice President Student Affairs
    510. Graduate Admissions
    524. Graduate Credit and Transcripts
    Ian K. Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  10. Curriculum Program Reviews
    1) 3 Yr. Follow-up Report: BS Dental Hygiene
    2) 3 Yr. Follow-up Report: Master of Education
    3) 3 Yr. Follow-up Report: AAS Technology
    4) Program Review: Community and Continuing Education
    Ian Wilson, Vice President Academic Affairs
  11. 2011-12 Operating Budget *
    1) Appropriated
    2) Auxiliaries
    3) Institutional Discretionary
    Linda Makin, Chief Planning, Budget and Policy Officer

Tab 1a (docx), 1b (doc)

Tab 2 (docx), 2a (docx), 2b (docx)

Tab 3a (pdf), 3a (docx), 3b (docx), 3c (docx), 3d (pdf)

Tab 4 (pdf)

Tab 5 (pdf)

Tab 6a (pdf), 6b (pdf)

Tab 7a (pdf), 7b (pdf)

Tab 8a (docx), 8b (docx), 8c (docx), 8d (docx)
  1. Minutes of April 21, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting
  2. Human Resources Report for March and April 2011 **
  3. Investment Report for February and March 2011
  4. 2010-11 Institutional Discretionary Budget Revision
  5. Oracle Agreement
Tab 9 (docx)

Tab 10a (pdf), 10b (pdf)
Tab 11 (pdf)
Tab 12 (doc)
  1. Campus Report
  2. Core Themes, Objectives and Indicators *
* Distributed at meeting
** Enclosed separately
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify Ed Martinelli at (801) 863-8643(801) 863-8643, or at WB-146m, Utah Valley University, 800 West University Parkway, at least three working days prior to this meeting.