Board of Trustees Message

Message from the Chair Elaine S. Dalton

Elaine DaltonThe members of Utah Valley University’s Board of Trustees join me in welcoming you to a remarkable educational experience on one of the state’s largest and most rapidly growing campuses. We know that from your very first visit to the campus, you will be immersed in the energy and excitement of a university focused on student success. Over the past 75 years the university has transformed into a respected university providing one of the best opportunities for students seeking a high quality education all the while still maintaining our open-access and technical programs. This dual-mission model of education has ensured that we can fully deliver on our commitment to student success—it stands at the heart of our mission.  

Today, through the leadership of its highly credentialed faculty, dedicated staff, and effective administration, Utah Valley University has never been stronger. We are climbing to new heights and expanding and growing in ways, both academically and culturally, that will produce an enhanced student experience. The university’s focus on excellence is producing the leaders of the future. And what tremendous student leaders we have at Utah Valley University. What always impresses me about our students is that they are actively engaged in hundreds of community service projects, generously sharing their time and knowledge. I am proud of them for fostering and modeling the goals of our institutional mission.

As Trustees, we commend the institution's commitment to student success, engaged learning, inclusion, and a culture of academic rigor and professional excellence. It is these values that comprise our "institutional DNA." We recognize and greatly appreciate support from the Board of Regents and the Commissioner's Office. We thank our Governor, legislators, and ALL who share our vision of the imperative of education and the success of Utah Valley University. 

In short, Utah Valley University is fast becoming the university of choice for students who want to earn a degree where the focus is on high-quality teaching and hands-on engagement in an inclusive, welcoming environment. As Trustees, we invite you to come and immerse yourself in the remarkable momentum and excitement of Utah Valley University. This is your university - a place where you will succeed. GO WOLVERINES!

All the best,

Elaine S. Dalton