October 24, 2013

7:00 p.m. 

SC 213c


    1. Campus Report - President Matthew S. Holland

    2. Foundation Report - Debbie Bingham, Foundation Chair

    3. Active Shooter Exercise, December 17 - Val Peterson, Vice President of Finance and Administration

 II.        ACTION       

    1. Oath of Office for Duff Thompson - Chair Steve Lund
    2. Chair Appreciation for Greg Butterfield - President Matthew S. Holland

    3. Election of 1st Vice Chair - Chair Steve Lund

    4. Curriculum - Ian Wilson, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

      1. Certificates of Proficiency
        1. Operations Management
        2. Architectural Design Technology
        3. Civil Design Technology
        4. Mechanical Design Technology
        5. Structural Design Technology
        6. Digital Cinema
        7. Substance Use Disorder Counseling
        8. Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counseling
        9. Autism Studies
      2. Minors
        1. Autism Studies
        2. Writing Studies
        3. Internal Auditing
      3. Emphases
        1. BS Accounting emphases
          1. Internal Auditing
          2. General Accounting
        2. Aviation Fire Officer in AAS degree
        3. American Indian Studies in BS Integrated Studies
      4. Theatre Arts
        1. Reinstatement of AA degree in Theatre Arts
        2. Restructure of BA in Theatre Arts
        3. Discontinuance of BS in Theatre Arts
      5. Three Year Follow up Reviews
        1. AAS and BS in Construction Management
    5. Requisition for Equipment for Student Life Building Michelle Taylor - Vice President of Student Affairs
    6. Honorary Degrees - Cameron Martin - Vice President of University Relations



    1. Minutes of September 5, 2013 Board Meeting

    2. Human Resources Report for August and September 2013*

    3. Investment Report for July and August 2013

    4. Approval of Investment Resolutions



*    Enclosed separately



In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify Ed Martinelli at (801) 863-8643(801) 863-8643, or at Utah Valley University, 800 West University Parkway, WB-146m at least three working days prior to this meeting.