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Meet The Admissions Counselor Team

We understand. Navigating the college admissions process can be a challenge. However, we're in your corner. It's like having a personal sidekick to help you on your journey to being admitted. We are here to provide you with the personal, customized and timely support you need.

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Follow the instructions below to find your Admissions Counselor:
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Northern Utah

Box Elder School District | Jesse Timoteo

Cache School District | Jesse Timoteo

Canyons School District | Jesse Timoteo

Davis School District | Danielle Corbett

Granite School District | Geoff Goffe

Jordan School District | Cameron Bell 

Logan School District | Jesse Timoteo

Morgan School District | Alaina Anagboso

Murray School District | Geoff Goffe

North Summit School District | Alaina Anagboso

Ogden School District | Geoff Goffe

Park City School District | Alaina Anagboso

Rich School District | Alaina Anagboso

Salt Lake School District | Geoff Goffe

South Summit School District | Alaina Anagboso

Tooele School District | Alaina Anagboso

Weber School District | Geoff Goffe

Wasatch School District | Alaina Anagboso

Utah County

Alpine School District

  • Westlake, Lehi, Skyridge, Cedar Valley | Danielle Corbett
  • Lone Peak, American Fork, Pleasant Grove | Jesse Timoteo
  • Mountain View, Orem, Timpanogos | Geoff Goffe

Nebo School District | Alaina Anagboso

Provo School District | Cameron Bell 

Central and Eastern Utah

Beaver School District | Danielle Corbett

Carbon School District | Cameron Bell 

Daggett School District | Jesse Timoteo

Duchesne School District | Jesse Timoteo

Emery School District | Cameron Bell 

Garfield School District | Danielle Corbett

Juab School District | Alaina Anagboso

Millard School District | Alaina Anagboso

North Sanpete School District | Danielle Corbett

Piute School District | Danielle Corbett

Sevier School District | Danielle Corbett

South Sanpete School District | Danielle Corbett

Tintic School District | Geoff Goffe

Uintah School District | Jesse Timoteo

Wayne School District | Danielle Corbett

Southern Utah

Grand County School District | Any Admissions Counselor

Iron School District | Cameron Bell 

Kane School District | Cameron Bell 

San Juan School District | Alaina Anagboso

Washington County School District | Cameron Bell 

Transfer Students

Kaitlyn Russell




Alabama | Geoff Goffe

Alaska | Jesse Timoteo

Arizona | Jesse Timoteo

Arkansas | Geoff Goffe

California - Northern | Cameron Bell 

California - Southern | Alaina Anagboso

Colorado | Jesse Timoteo

Connecticut | Jesse Timoteo

Delaware | Jesse Timoteo

District of Columbia | Jesse Timoteo

Florida | Geoff Goffe

Georgia | Geoff Goffe

Hawaii | Karli Rasmussen

Idaho | Danielle Corbett

Illinois | Danielle Corbett

Indiana | Danielle Corbett

Iowa | Danielle Corbett

Kansas | Alaina Anagboso

Kentucky | Cameron Bell 

Louisiana | Geoff Goffe

Maine | Jesse Timoteo

Maryland | Jesse Timoteo

Massachusetts | Jesse Timoteo

Michigan | Danielle Corbett

Minnesota | Danielle Corbett

Mississippi | Geoff Goffe

Missouri | Danielle Corbett

Montana | Alaina Anagboso

Nebraska | Alaina Anagboso

Nevada | Cameron Bell 

New Hampshire | Jesse Timoteo

New Jersey | Jesse Timoteo

New Mexico | Alaina Anagboso

New York | Jesse Timoteo

North Carolina | Cameron Bell 

North Dakota | Alaina Anagboso

Ohio | Danielle Corbett

Oklahoma | Geoff Goffe

Oregon | Danielle Corbett

Pennsylvania | Jesse Timoteo

Rhode Island | Jesse Timoteo

South Carolina | Cameron Bell 

South Dakota | Alaina Anagboso

Tennessee | Cameron Bell 

Texas | Cameron Bell 

Vermont | Jesse Timoteo

Virginia | Cameron Bell 

Washington | Jesse Timoteo

West Virginia | Cameron Bell 

Wisconsin | Danielle Corbett

Wyoming | Alaina Anagboso

International | International Admissions Office

Transfer Students 

Kaitlyn Russell

Admissions Counselors

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