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Graduating with a degree is a lot of work, and we don't all take the same path to get there. Sometimes, for family, financial, or personal reasons, it's necessary to take a break from school for a while. After earning 90 or more credits, it probably feels like a mistake to make your break from school indefinite.

So bring your break to an end. We've made changes to our process so getting back into school is easier than ever. Not only will you receive guided help to figure out your path to graduation, but you may also qualify for grant money to make that journey more affordable.

Now is a great time for you to come back to school and finish your degree.

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Returning to school has never been easier

Financial Assistance Available

For some students the combined financial burdens of school and life seem to offer an ultimatum: leave schools or take your bank account into the red. To avoid the discomfort of that rock and hard place, we've created a new financial assistance opportunity for returning students with 90 or more credit hours. The new "Returning Wolverine" grant makes one-time scholarships available to returning students who qualify. Awards may vary based on need, but you'll want to ask about how this could benefit you.

Clear Path to Graduation

Coming back to school can be daunting, but we don't want you to feel lost in a maze. We set up a system with personal touch points, so you never have to wonder where to turn for help. With the guidance of a retention mentor and a major specific advisor, you'll have help creating a path to graduation and navigating each step until you're there.

Major in Flux?

Looking forward to graduation, you may not want to be on the same course you started on as a freshman. Don't feel stuck---even if you're working with 110 credits of philosophy and you want to graduate in computer science or sales, we can help you figure it out. Chances are it's very doable to change direction and graduate with a degree that fits the plans you've made for yourself more recently. If you already know how you want your path to change, let us know while you're getting started. Working with the right advisor from the beginning can make things go more smoothly.

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