Before You Leave

At some point in your education, you may need to take some time away from school, be it for a humanitarian or religious mission, military service, health/medical issues or financial or family responsibilities. If you are returning within seven semesters, you will not need to re-apply for admission.

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Deferred Admission or Leave of Absence

If you have been admitted, but never registered for a class (not including concurrent enrollment), you need to complete a Deferred Admission
If you have registered for classes, even if you never attended, you need to complete a Leave of Absence

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Completing a Student Information Release Form

Designate someone to register you for classes.

Student Information Release Form (pdf)

Student Information Release Form (online form for admitted students)

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Hold Scholarship Award

If you have been awarded a scholarship, accept the scholarship through myUVU and then complete the Request to Hold Scholarship Award Form (pdf).

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Veterans Benefits

Contact the Veterans Office, as a courtesy, so they know what information to send you during your absence.

When You Return

Welcome Back! Some time ago you completed the Deferred Admission or Leave of Absence process and now you are ready to return to UVU.

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Contact Your Academic Advisor

Contact your academic advisor to confirm your registration status and to begin the process for enrolling in classes. To find your advisor visit- and click on the “See your Advisor” link

  • If you did not attend an orientation before you left UVU, you will need to attend orientation before you are eligible to register for classes. Visit to register for an upcoming session.

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Getting Your Financial Aid in Order

Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships office if you have questions about applying for financial aid and reinstating a scholarship award which has been held. You may contact (801) 863-8442 or visit If you were awarded a scholarship and placed it on hold while you were away, an official email will be sent to your myUVU email account with instructions on how to go online and reinstate your award.

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If You Are A Parent

If your parent is assisting you until you return, please be sure to complete the Student Information Release Authorization Form (pdf).  You can also complete this form through myUVU, Log into myUVU go to the student tab, then My Academics.  You can find the form under Academic information.  If you complete the form on-line you will not need to have the form notarized. 

  • Form must be completed and signed by the student, notarized, and faxed/emailed/ or mailed to the Registrar (fax- 801.225.4677 or Mail completed forms to- 800 W. University Pkwy, MS 106 / Orem, UT. 84058
  • Special accommodations can be made upon approval from the Registrar. Send request for accommodation to

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If You Have Been Away More Than 2 Years

If you have been away from UVU for more than two years you may need to reapply as a returning student. If this is the case, visit to complete a returning student application.