Moving Forward Together

2021 Convocation

As we reflect upon 2021 and Utah Valley University’s (UVU) endowment, it will be remembered by one word: growth. In spite of a global pandemic, our donors continued to confidently invest in the endowment and our team made necessary adjustments to significantly increase its value. We remain undaunted in our commitment to provide a quality education for all UVU students, no matter the challenges they face and the endowment will continue to provide students with support in perpetuity.

To date, UVU’s endowment has grown at a significant rate fueled by the gifts from you, our esteemed donors. During the past year, the UVU Foundation Board and, in particular, the Investment Committee have remained committed to maintaining diversification across the entire portfolio while balancing measured risks. We have redoubled our efforts to partner with investors whose expertise is aligned with our mission to create long-term, sustainable growth.

One key focus area for 2021 and beyond will be significantly increasing the endowment of the university. Given the trajectory of UVU, it is imperative that time and thoughtful effort be put forth to ensure spent funds are in alignment with the university’s current enrollment of nearly 42,000 students. I am proud to report that the endowment grew to more than $73 million, an increase of 20.6% in the last year. These funds supported 189 endowed scholarships which represent a 1.6% increase, along with 45 endowed programs totaling a 7.1% increase. These increases are significant because while many colleges and universities across the country experienced losses, UVU’s endowment remains well-positioned for future growth.

Utah Valley University is proud to celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2021. As we lay the foundation for future generations of students, we will continue to empower students of all backgrounds to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals. Because of your generosity, the future of UVU remains bright.



signature of Mark Arstein

Mark Arstein
CEO, UVU Foundation
Vice President
UVU Institutional Advancement

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Jefferson Moss
COO, UVU Foundation
Associate Vice President
UVU Institutional Advancement

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UVU Year at a Glance

Education Does NOT Stop

campus photo

Alumni Center Rendering

  • January 29
    UVU announces and breaks ground on new Young Living Alumni Center

  • February 1
    The longest pedestrian bridge opens over I-15, showing UVU's commitment to exceptional care for its students

  • December 2021

    The new Keller Building will welcome students in spring 2022. The state-of-the-art building will house the Woodbury School of Business.

Pedestrian Bridge
Keller Building
Keller Building Interior Rendering




Your Impact In Action

Endowments offer support in perpetuity to Utah Valley University that will help build upon our foundation as an integrated community college and university. The investments of endowment donors provide UVU students with transformational opportunities that positively impact their educational, personal, and professional lives.

Long-term Investment Fund Overview

Endowment Activity FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Beginning fair market value 44,700,966 44,831,130 50,665,935 54,488,623 55,238,966 60,659,858
Contributions received 2,089,507 2,968,035 2,250,146 1,643,880 6,520,694 6,800,512
Investment earnings 1,725,570 5,337,648 3,863,703 3,904,532 2,443,633 11,473,117
Cash distributions (2,824,624) (1,536,431) (1,352,290) (3,836,672) (2,644,939) (4,995,226)
Management fee (860,288) (934,447) (938,871) (961,396) (898,497) (734,955)
Ending fair market value 44,831,130 50,665,935 54,488,623 55,238,966 60,659,858 73,203,306

Year Performance

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) aggregates endowment returns across its member institutions and annually produces average endowment returns from the information collected on 1-,3-,5-, and 10- year bases. This allows UVU to compare its endowment returns to returns of similarly sized university endowments. NACUBO recently released these metrics for fiscal year June 30, 2020. These metrics are now reflected in the “Fund Performance” chart relative to UVU’s performance over the same time periods.

graph showing UVU's fund performance as higher than the NACUBO benchmark in 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year scopes

Investment Infographic

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Asset Allocation Fund

The long-term investment fund maintains a balanced approach to investing through diversification across global equity and fixed income markets, as well as investments in private companies, real estate, and other alternative investments.

pie chart detailing the breakdown of asset allocation - 5.65% to cash, 17.66% to alternatives, 29.75% to fixed income, and 46.94% to equities


In fiscal year 2021, a total of nearly $5 million was distributed to support UVU’s mission of student success.


pie chart detailing the breakdown of distribution - 23.93% to faculty chairs and salaries, 31.1% to academic support, and 44.97% to student scholarships and fellowships

Continue Your Impact

For more information about this report or your financial information, contact:

Kyle Reyes
Vice President, UVU Institutional Advancement
CEO, UVU Foundation
Office: 801.863.6158
Cell: 801.863.6158

Candice Gardner
Associate Vice President of Development Programs, UVU Institutional Advancement

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