March of 2021 marks one year since our lives changed due to COVID-19. As we continue to adjust to life in a pandemic, we thank you for your unwavering support and commitment. Utah Valley University (UVU) ensures the continuation of quality education because of your gifts.

You have allowed UVU students to focus on their studies with less financial stress. Many of our students would not be able to attend college without financial support. Your generosity allows students the opportunity to achieve their goals. As a result, they graduate as passionate and successful scholars with the determination to change the world.

UVU's endowment totals more than $60 million. Your donation becomes a part of something BIGGER. Enabling student success creates a brighter future for our shared world. UVU is committed to exceptional care, accountability, and results. These values will continue for generations to come as a result of your support.

Because of your help, our students do not just survive — they thrive. The UVU endowment fund contributes to 186 endowed scholarships each year and supports 42 endowed programs. Each individual who benefits from the endowment fund has a unique story and plans to make an impact in their own way. Here at the UVU Foundation, we are committed to ensuring your gift provides the greatest impact for our students.


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  • January 29: UVU announces and breaks ground on the new Young Living Alumni Center
  • February 1: The longest pedestrian bridge opens over I-15, showing UVU's commitment to exceptional care for its students
  • February 3: Mark H. Arstein is named vice president of Institutional Advancement and CEO of the UVU Foundation
  • March 15: GradReports ranks UVU the #1 college in Utah for alumni earnings after graduation

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Endowments offer support in perpetuity to UVU that will help build upon our foundation as an integrated community college and university. The investments of endowment donors provide UVU students with transformational opportunities that postively impact their educational, personal, and professional lives.

Long-term investment fund overview

Endowment Activity FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020



Beginning fair market value 44,700,966 44,831,130 50,665,935 54,488,623 55,238,966 60,659,858
Contributions received 2,089,507 2,968,035 2,250,146 1,643,880 6,520,694 2,530,138
Investment earnings 1,725,570 5,337,648 3,863,703 3,904,532 2,443,633 6,364,281
Cash distributions (2,824,624) (1,536, 431) (1,352,290) (3,836,672) (2,644,939) (2,007,169)
Management fee (860,288) (934,447) (938,871) (961,396) (898,497) (734,546)
Ending fair market value 44,831,130 50,665,935 54,488,623 55,238,966 60,659,858 66,812,562

Year performance

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) aggregates endowment returns across its member institutions and annually produces average endowment returns from the information collected on a 1-,3-,5-, and 10- year basis. This allows Utah Valley University (UVU) to compare its endowment returns to returns of similarly sized university endowments. NACUBO recently released these metrics for fiscal year June 30, 2020. These metrics are now reflected in the “Fund Performance” chart relative to UVU’s performance over the same time periods.

Line graph showing increase in fund performance by year

Asset allocation fund

The long-term investment fund maintains a balanced approach to investing through diversification across global equity and fixed income markets, as well as investments in private companies, real estate, and other alternative investments.


In the fiscal year 2020, $2.6 million was distributed to support UVU's mission of student success.

A pie chart showing asset allocations

a pie chart showing distribution of funds



Endowment value


Endowed scholarships


Endowed programs


Endowed graduate scholarships


Endowed faculty

and staff support


Endowed undergraduate


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Continue your impact

For more information about this report or your financial information, contact:

Jefferson Moss
COO, UVU Foundation
Associate Vice President, UVU Institutional Advancement


For information about giving to Utah Valley University, contact:

Aaron Price
CFO, UVU Foundation
Director of Divisional Accounting, UVU Institutional Advancement

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