Scholarship Donors Meet Students

Donors to Utah Valley University scholarships get to meet the students they're helping and to learn first hand the difference they've made in these students' lives. The UVU Office of Donor Relations holds several scholarship luncheons each year, bringing together scholarship donors and recipients in small group settings.

At the Tuesday, Oct. 14, scholarship luncheon in the UVU Alumni Center, four scholarship donors lunched with more than a dozen students who received scholarships established by those donors. Each student spoke briefly about how the award had made a difference in his or her life.

"I've been given the opportunity to work on some major projects in the capstone class with the music department," said a commercial music major who received the Florence B. Ragan Scholarship. "We're working with the theater department and orchestrating all of the tracks for their performance of 'The Mystery of Edward Drood.' It requires a lot of time, so I'm grateful that I don't have to work as much outside of school and home."

"It changed my life," said an outdoor recreation and environmental studies major who received the Cordell J. Roy Endowed Internship. The award made it possible for her to do a summer internship at UVU's Capitol Reef Field Station. "It's the most enriching experience that I've ever had. I can definitely see myself as a ranger in the future. As far as giving back, I had the opportunity this weekend to take some honors students to the field station at Capitol Reef, to go on hikes and tell them about the Fremont culture and the geology of the area. It was great."

Dean David Yells of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences pointed out that higher education is so costly that it is out of reach of the people who need it the most. "I want to acknowledge our donors for their generosity and their commitment to our future, because that's really what a scholarship is—a commitment to the future," he said.

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