Awards and a Farewell

Meet Marc Archambault

Marc has been with the university since 2010 as the vice president of Institutional Advancement and CEO of the UVU Foundation. During his time at UVU, he completely transformed development. In 2013, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education named his team "the most improved program in the nation among liberal arts institutions." In the last fiscal year alone, the team raised nearly $25 million in funding for the university.

Marc recently accepted a new position at Western Kentucky University as vice president of Institutional Advancement and WKU Foundation president. Although he will move across the country, Marc assured his team that they will continue to succeed.

Dr. Kay Schallenkamp will serve as interim vice president of Institutional Advancement during the department's transition period. She previously served as president of Black Hills State University and has experience working with UVU.

Divisional Honor Awards

Before announcing awardees, Marc reminded his team why they were successful. It wasn't solely because of him. It happened with the hard work and passion of everyone working together to achieve a common goal – create a culture of giving.

"Things will continue to thrive at UVU because we have built a strong culture of giving," Marc said encouragingly.
The development team consists of workers who love their jobs and strive to improve giving at UVU. This is evidenced by the following awardees:

Leslie Moon

Leslie Moon
Value Award for Confidence and Teamwork Award for Collegiality

Leslie's positive, cheery attitude landed her two awards. She sets ambitious goals and rises to the occasion when challenged. Visiting her at the front desk is sure to make your day!

Nilsen Septon

Nilsen Septon
Teamwork Award for Communication

Nilsen is a pro at communicating in speech and writing. He provides accurate, thorough information. Whenever a change is about to happen, he always alerts those who will be affected.

Julie Stowe

Julie Stowe
Teamwork Award for Creativity

Julie has a knack for innovative writing. She is able to inspire staff, students, and donors with her stories.

Kevin Walkenhorst

Kevin Walkenhorst
Value Award for Professionalism

Kevin promotes divisional culture while engaging our students. He provides a leadership class to student alumni, allowing them to become professionals themselves.

Carolina Zambrano

Carolina Zambrano
Value Award for Reliability

Carolina delivers information with high accuracy and attention to detail. She is known for her speed! She consistently follows up data requests with quick results.

The Strongest Link Award is awarded for providing outstanding team support at events. The winners were:

  • Samantha Briggs
  • Victoria Garrow
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Nanette Marx
  • Jason Terry
  • Jason Stucki
  • Julie Stowe

Foundation Medallions represent excellence in fundraising. The Foundation had its most successful fiscal year yet with the help of the following medallion recipients.

  • Bill Bridges
  • Crista Casper
  • Victoria Garrow
  • Brad Mertz
  • Todd Nebeker
  • Cristina Pianezzola
  • Nancy Smith
  • Kyle Tresner


When the ceremony ended, the team presented Marc with a gift to help remind him of his time at Utah Valley University. It was a barrel with an engraving of UVU's wolverine mascot and the names of every team member.

"Sometimes, we have to let great talent move on to other, new opportunities," UVU President Holland said in regard to Marc's departure.

The development team had to say goodbye to a remarkable leader. However, they learned they have the talent and capability to continue making a difference at UVU.