Feast on the Fairway

Held annually on the second Monday in June, the Utah Valley University Culinary Arts Institute Feast on the Fairway golf tournament is all about supporting students. This fun and fulfilling tournament invites community members and corporate sponsors to come together for a day of play and culinary delights. All proceeds from the event go to the UVU Culinary Arts Institute Scholarship Fund, which awards much-needed scholarships to deserving students.

Course and equipment fees for culinary arts students are almost three times that of tuition. Students are required to purchase their own chef's uniforms and equipment as well as pay for fresh ingredients needed in their daily food preparation. It is typical for a student to spend $8,000 per year for the program. This high cost sparked a discussion among the Culinary Arts Advisory Board to determine how to engage the community in fundraising efforts to provide scholarships for these students. In contrast to the extravagant black-tie Culinary Arts Gala held each February, it was decided that a golf tournament in the summer would be a fun and playful way to engage donors.

The concept of the golf tournament is to highlight delicious cuisines and the Culinary Arts Institute by providing food booths at each of the 18 holes. Each booth offers samples of different bite-sized servings—some from sponsors' restaurants and some from the Culinary Arts Institute—for the golfers to enjoy as they play. Golfers also are treated to a lunch prior to the tournament and an elaborate buffet reception at the clubhouse afterward. In the evening, golfers and their friends and families are invited to a full-course dinner. All food (except at select local industry booths) is prepared by Culinary Arts Institute students. When the Culinary Arts Advisory Board held a competition challenging students to come up with a name for the tournament, "Feast on the Fairway" won by a landslide!

During Feast on the Fairway, golfers have the opportunity to meet with culinary arts students helping with the event. They also get to play against the award-winning faculty in a competition called "Beat the Chef." If a golfer does manage to beat the chef, he or she wins a gift certificate for two to eat at the Culinary Arts Institute's famed Restaurant Forte. The event also invites Utah's local culinary and hospitality industries to engage with and show their support of UVU. Many of these companies provide internships and job placement for culinary arts graduates, and the event is a great way for them to support UVU in an area that fits well within their own mission and industry.

Golfers enjoying lunch

Victoria Garrow, director of development for the College of Technology & Computing, works with UVU's private donors to facilitate donations (both in kind and cash) made to the Culinary Arts Institute. When asked for her thoughts on the event, Victoria shared how humbled she is by the support of the community and the care they have for UVU's students. "It is an honor to be a part of Feast on the Fairway," she said. "I absolutely love seeing the community and alumni come together, giving what they can to ensure the success of our students. This community stands behind Utah Valley University, and their generosity is overwhelming." Feast on the Fairway has continued to grow since its beginning in 2013. This year's event successfully raised $15,000 for scholarships.

Culinary arts students and faculty