Miracle of The Forgotten Carols

This year's Utah Valley University Forgotten Carols scholarship recipients were recognized at a Dec. 5 program, which also included recognition of donors and a performance of "The Forgotten Carols," a musical holiday presentation by Utah musician and filmmaker Michael McLean. McLean established the scholarship specifically to help students who are struggling financially to finish their last year of school. "This scholarship is a way to help people who want an education and want to find the skills and tools to empower themselves to meet a very challenging world," said McLean, who sits on the advisory board for the University's College of Humanities & Social Science. "When people contribute to this, not only are they helping students get educated in a meaningful way, they're affecting generations to come, because the person who has been blessed by the scholarship knows, 'I'm not alone.'"

McLean established the scholarship in 2010 after hearing the story of a UVU student who was living in his car during his last semester in order to pay for school. The scholarship is funded by VIP ticket package sales to "The Forgotten Carols" and also includes a fine dining experience hosted by the University's Culinary Arts Institute.

Recipients of the scholarship include Chase Boyle and Manuela Corleto, both College of Humanities and Social Science majors and dedicated students. After experiencing a turning point in her life, Manuela realized the importance of living life to the fullest and decided to obtain a college education. After graduation she hopes to work for the FBI. Chase is a psychology major who wants to continue his education and eventually become a therapist. The Forgotten Carols Scholarship gave him the opportunity to complete his bachelor's degree.

Thanks to the generosity of donors since its inception in 2010, the Forgotten Carols Scholarship has provided assistance to students like Chase and Manuela and helped them move forward with their career goals and aspirations.

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