Vivint CEO Goes Undercover

Those who saw the season finale of “Undercover Boss” may have recognized featured guest Todd Pederson, CEO of the Utah-based company Vivint. He is a familiar figure at UVU due to his company’s partnership with the school.

Thanks to a $2 million combined gift from Vivint and Pedersen, last year UVU was able to launch the Todd Pedersen Professional Sales Track to meet demands from the business community for trained sales professionals. The track is available for students studying any major and is one of the premier sales programs in the nation. Funding for a research director position, a faculty position, and a scholarship program were also made available through the generous donation.

Todd Pedersen with UVU President Matthew S. Holland

In addition, the gift also enhanced UVU’s Business Resource Center with the S/MART Lab. The recently opened laboratory provides advanced technological resources such as eye trackers and devices that measure cognitive processing and responses to stimuli. The lab not only is available to students but is an open resource for the community as well.

When the production team for “Undercover Boss” contacted Todd Pedersen about being on the show, they found he was eager to participate. When he first started Vivint, Pedersen personally knew every employee who worked for him. Now that the company has grown to 7,000 employees, this has become an impossible task. Pedersen saw this as an opportunity to connect with more of his employees.

Donning unkempt hair, a shaggy beard, and glasses, Pederson joined his employees in such tasks as scaling a roof to install a home security system and answering stressful calls at Vivint’s monitoring center. He had expressed concerns that his employees would discover him or he would not be able to complete a job due to his lack of technical skills, but neither of these happened. “I’m probably the most unlikely tech CEO,” said Pedersen. “A lot of the jobs I did were technical. Fortunately I didn’t break anything.”

During his experience on “Undercover Boss,” Pedersen was reminded just how important his employees are to Vivint’s success. He stated, “If I could get away with convincing the rest of our executive team to put on wigs and glasses, I would have them all experience what I did on ‘Undercover Boss.’”