She's Not Horsing Around

Stephanie Stewart knew from the time she could talk that she wanted to be a veterinarian. With the help of a Women’s Success Center Scholarship at Utah Valley University, she is on track to reach her goal.

Growing up, Stephanie loved helping her grandfather take care of the animals on his ranch in Wayne County, Utah. After her grandfather died, she continued going to the ranch, vaccinating and worming animals, tagging ears, castrating male calves, and helping a farrier shoe horses.

Stephanie bottle feeds a calf

“When the animals were ill, it made me curious about how and why, and whether there could have been a way to prevent it,” says Stephanie, a junior at UVU. “I not only want to learn, I want to practice what I am taught and maybe even find preventatives and cures.”

A few years ago, Stephanie secured an unpaid internship at a veterinary clinic. Attending appointments, she learned about illnesses and infections and how to run basic bloodwork and x-rays. The work deepened her resolve to become a veterinarian.

“From experiencing what it’s like to assist in surgeries, to dealing with a family making the decision to euthanize their animal, to helping with yearly check-ups and vaccines, to emergency circumstances, I know that veterinary medicine is where I belong,” she says.

Stephanie helps a veterinarian vaccinate a dog

“I chose to attend Utah Valley University because it has a great science department, and I have not regretted that decision,” says Stephanie, who is majoring in biology and is especially interested in genetics. She loves UVU’s focus on hands-on learning and looks forward to future internships and on-the-job training.

“It will take a lot of work, time, and money, but I am capable and hardworking enough to reach my goal,” says Stephanie. “I want my Papa to be proud of me. He was always my biggest source of support in progressing toward my goal of becoming a veterinarian. His wish was that I never give up on my dreams.”

Last year Stephanie received a Women’s Success Center Scholarship, which helped to ease her financial burden. “I’m so grateful for the scholarship,” she says. “It is giving me the ability to follow my dreams and continue my Papa’s legacy.” You can make a difference by helping students like Stephanie receive an education.

Stephanie Stewart riding her horse Blaze

The UVU Women’s Leadership Luncheon, hosted by dōTERRA on April 25, 2017, raised more than $300,000 for the UVU Women’s Success Center and scholarships.