The Classroom Building Has a New Name

In a special event held here on campus last month, the Classroom Building was given a new name: The Andrea and James Clarke Building in recognition of their recent generous gifts to UVU. The new signage on the building will soon be up

Also, to pay tribute to his parents, the former Oquirrh Mountain Rooms on the 5th floor, 510 and 511, were renamed as the Labor and Honor Rooms. This unusual name comes from the extraordinary lessons James learned as he worked for his parents.

For centuries, the Latin phrase for LABOR and HONOR, labore et honore, has adorned the Clarke Family Coat of Arms. As a young boy, James gained practical meaning from the phrase as he collected his weekly paycheck from working summers for his parents. 

Far more important than the sum of money at the end of each week were the words on his paycheck. Had he been honorable and hardworking in his efforts, the memo section of the paycheck would read “LABOR and HONOR.” Had he just worked but been late or given a half-hearted effort, the memo section of the check would simply read “LABOR,” a singular word which made his heart sink. He learned early that only LABOR and HONOR would suffice throughout his life. 

Whether it be educational pursuits, one’s chosen profession, or all human relationships, the core of what Andrea and James Clarke hope to share through their efforts in support of Utah Valley University is that LABOR alone is not sufficient unless coupled with HONOR.