Melanie Bastian Home Given to UVU

Utah Valley University is delighted to announce that the Bastian family has donated the late Melanie Bastian's home, Lake Mount Manor, to Utah Valley University. The Bastian mansion will be the new home of the UVU Woodbury Museum of Art and a lovely venue for many kinds of events. UVU's art museum, currently located in the University Mall, will move to the former Bastian home in South Orem, not far from the UVU campus, in 2020.

Lake Mount Manor offers many opportunities for UVU's art museum to host community events and programs for both adults and children. The home will also be a beautiful and peaceful venue for smaller musical performances and president's events.

Melanie Bastian was a champion of the arts and a generous donor to UVU. She worked tirelessly for causes that supported the arts, women, children, and public education. The gift of Lake Mount Manor to UVU by her four sons — Rick, Darren, Jeffrey, and Robert — honors Melanie's remarkable life and accomplishments.

Inside view of Lake Mount Manor, the new location of the UVU Woodbury Museum of Art

"There's a fine tradition across the country of many museums that are situated in historic homes, or even modern homes, that offer a great backdrop for showing art. This particular home is already so well suited to that purpose, because the family has a strong love and support for local art," said Lisa Anderson, director and curator of the UVU Woodbury Museum of Art.

The gardens and grounds surrounding the Bastian home will be used for summer events including arts-focused programs for children and young adults. The new Museum of Art at Lake Mount Manor will become a Utah County tourist destination.