To Carry on Paige Holland's Legacy

Utah has one of the lowest graduation rates for women in the country. So, when President Matthew S. and Paige Holland arrived at Utah Valley University in 2008, they set out on a mission to encourage women to finish their degrees and to provide them with the support they needed in order to do so. Paige, in particular, has worked tirelessly to raise funds that are helping more Utah women to complete higher education degrees and certificates at UVU. 

One of the first changes the Hollands made was to establish the Women’s Success Center at UVU in 2011. The University had a small Women’s Resource Center for nontraditional students, but the new center had a broader mission: to support all women according to their needs. The WSC works to remove barriers — through scholarships, success coaching, child care, and student advocacy — to help students navigate the landscape of higher education. 

When the Hollands arrived, the University already had a Wee Care Center, which provided child care to a small number of UVU students, with fees on a sliding scale, but the little house in which the center operated was woefully inadequate. Paige Holland set about raising money for a new Wee Care Center designed specifically for children and with space to serve many more students. With a leading gift from Barbara Barrington Jones, a stunning new center opened in 2013. It was UVU’s first building to be funded entirely through philanthropy. 

Matthew S. and Paige Holland with their two teenage daughters.

For the past six years, Paige Holland has led efforts to raise money for Women’s Success Center scholarships. Today, 194 students receive scholarships through the center. As the Hollands prepare to leave UVU in June 2018 for a church mission in North Carolina, a group of donors at a March 15 luncheon hosted by dōTERRA announced the establishment of the Paige Holland Endowed Scholarship to carry on Paige’s legacy. 

“Paige has laid the groundwork for people to give scholarships. People have been touched by her, and I know that the legacy will continue years after the Hollands have gone,” said Barbara Barrington Jones. 

“I have been inspired by the work she has done on behalf of women whose situation in life is not exactly what they thought it was going to be,” said Karen Ashton. “I have watched many women walk across the public stage in our valley, and I don’t believe anyone has had more influence — quietly, but such a strong influence for good — than Paige Holland.” 

“The impact Paige has had I don’t think we will fully realize for generations,” said Elaine Dalton. “The ripple effect of what she has done here at UVU will really change the world, because one educated woman can change generations.”  

You can contribute to the Paige Holland Endowed Scholarship online.