Roots of Knowledge Docent Prepares to Be an Educator

“The first time I walked by the Roots of Knowledge exhibit I did a double take. I couldn’t believe this beautiful artwork was there all of a sudden,” says Natalie Lafranca.

Natalie is an elementary education major at UVU and a docent in the Roots of Knowledge gallery. She is working on a packet of materials about the Roots of Knowledge that will be sent to teachers to entice them to bring their classes to see the windows. The material will help teachers plan field trips and lessons for before and after their visits.

As a Roots of Knowledge docent, Natalie is learning from the depictions in the windows while she hones her skills at teaching groups of people. She says, “The first time I did a tour, I was shaking I was so nervous. All these people were staring at me, expecting me to know everything. But that’s what you do as a teacher, you have all these little kids who are expecting you to know everything. So it’s already helped me grow in confidence and in knowing what to say and how to present things. All the content in the windows is really going to help me when I’m teaching.”

Natalie is also discovering how she can use the windows as a teacher. She says, “For one of my student teaching experiences, we were talking about the American Revolution. I could remember a lot of things from the windows, and it was great to be able to teach kids in a way that was fun and that they could understand.”

Working with the Roots of Knowledge is not just a way to teach others, though — it’s enhancing Natalie’s own education. “I love learning,” she says, “And that’s why I love this Roots of Knowledge job. I’m constantly learning and getting new information.”