University College Helping Every Student Succeed

What is University College?

Many of the students who come to Utah Valley University to pursue their dreams would not be accepted into other universities. Some did not take the appropriate high school classes to prepare them for higher education. Others went to the working world after high school and are now returning to school. They are looking to improve their prospects or to prepare for a career in a different field. Utah Valley University welcomes all students. With a mission of student success, the University provides a path to a degree for each and every student.

University College assists incoming students who are not prepared to step directly into degree programs. With remedial classes, tutoring, and mentoring, the college gives these students the preparation they need to enter rigorous academic programs. It also walks them through everything they need to know about going to college, from how to apply for financial aid to where to find support for their individual challenges. It helps them find their way in an unfamiliar or intimidating environment and makes them feel welcome and valued.

Many students who start out in University College become exceptional students. They go on to achieve more than they had dreamed possible, to improve their families' prospects, and to contribute to their communities.

How You Can Help

For many first-generation and nontraditional students, paying for their education is a significant barrier. It can be almost impossible for them to overcome. UVU is committed to expanding educational opportunities for more Utahns. Gifts to University College support:

  • Scholarships
  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • Programs and presentations by career representatives and counselors
  • Study-abroad experiences for qualified students to introduce them to other cultures and increase their knowledge of the global community
  • Attendance at academic conferences and programs that introduce qualified students to others in their desired professional fields

Give to University College today.