Advisement Council (AC)

AC - The oversight board that monitors, assesses, and coordinates the work of all advising on campus; makes and recommends advisement policy to the President’s Council; and oversees advising and advisement activities at UVU.

The Advisement Council is a decision-making body regarding advisement that fully involves and includes representation from advising administrators and practicing advisors both in academics and in student affairs.

The AC is conceptualized as a representative body addressing issues that emerge in relation to advisement at UVU. All members of the AC are viewed as equal contributors and participants in the decision-making process. Advisor Training & Development (ATD) is involved with the AC as a consultant regarding advising issues as well as an administrative body for implementing change, training, and assessment of advising.

In its decision-making processes, issues may be brought forward from any AC member. Before addressing such issues, discussion takes place among members to determine:

  1. Whether or not the issue is one that can and should be handled by the AC (is it a policy-level issue with primary advisement-focused implications or is it a practice level issue that could best be addressed by practicing advisors), Advisor Training & Development (is it a training issue), or is it an issue that should be handled elsewhere.
  2. If the issue can or should be handled by the AC, it will be determined whether or not it should be included on the current agenda or a future agenda as a discussion and decision-making item or if it is a larger issue that will require a task force to address it.
  3. If a task force is required, consideration is given to who should be involved and what level of involvement is required. Representation on task forces include the major groups that compose the AC (advising administrators and practicing advisors in academics and student affairs) and may include non-council members as appropriate. The AC carefully ensures that appropriate input is sought from strategies sources for its discussions.
  4. All task forces bring recommendations to the AC for decision-making purposes.

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AC Leadership

The AC is coordinated by two co-chairs appointed by the President and representing student affairs and academic affairs.

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