Non-Traditional Students

Are classes available at other locations, in the evening or on the weekend?

The Office of Extended Studies provides students an opportunity to fully pursue higher education through classes and programs at non-traditional times, at off-campus locations, and on the weekends.

UVU North - Westlake High School and Eagle Mountain  
The Office of Extended Studies at Utah Valley University will be offering classes at Thanksgiving Point for Fall 2011!

UVU will be upstairs in the new Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) at Thanksgiving Point (2301 W Ashton Blvd. Lehi, Utah). 39 courses will be offered for Fall 2011 to students who need to complete their 1000 and 2000 level General Education requirements and fulfill the coursework necessary for an Associate Degree.

Student taking classes off-campus are closer to home, spend less time traveling, and can avoid traffic congestion trying to get to classes on campus in Orem.

UVU South - Spanish Fork
500+ students are meeting their academic needs by taking classes at UVU South located at Spanish Fork High School (99 North 300 West). 1000 and 2000 level courses are offered to students who can complete their General Education requirements and fulfill the coursework necessary for an Individualized Associate Degree.

UVU West - National Guard Building
West of the I-15 Freeway from the UVU Orem Campus, you’ll find UVU West. Both day and evening courses are offered in the National Guard Building located at 951 South Geneva Road. UVU West is a multi-functional facility with nine enhanced classrooms, a computer lab, and an auditorium where UVU credit and non-credit courses are offered. The UTA Bus (route 830) travels back and forth to the main UVU campus throughout the day and evenings hours every 15 minutes. 

Wasatch Campus
The UVU Wasatch Campus is located in Wasatch County between Park City and Heber City, Utah, approximately 30 miles from the Orem Campus. The campus serves the higher education needs in the Wasatch and Summit Counties mountainous communities. Additionally, because of the picturesque location, the campus specializes in programs that are unique to the area. Students attending Wasatch Campus appreciate the opportunity of access to high-paying, quality jobs in the service region. The Wasatch Campus is truly a distinctive experience. All classes are accredited by Northwest Accreditation and transfer to other colleges and universities within the state of Utah, and credits should be accepted by other accredited institutions. Classes are available both during the day and evening.

Weekend College
Over 2000 students are pursuing their degree at UVU by taking classes through the Weekend College Program. 90+ courses are taught on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings on the UVU Orem Campus. Courses needed for general education are offered as well as many upper division courses in Accounting, Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work), Business, Community Health, History, Information Technology, Math, and Political Science.

The Weekend College program is characterized by smaller classes, quiet surroundings, excellent faculty, and personal interaction among instructors and students. The Extended Studies office has partnered with several academic departments on campus in facilitating classes necessary for Bachelor Degree Programs. These courses are offered in the late afternoon, evenings, online, and on Saturday mornings in a structured two or three year sequence. There are also many student services available in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Contact the Extended Studies Office for further information at


Are classes and degrees offered online?

UVU offers a wide variety of online courses to supplement students’ academic or professional career. Credits from online courses may be applied toward any degree at UVU, and the following degree programs may be earned in their entirety through online courses:

  1. Associate of Science - a non-major transfer associate degree that will qualify for pursuit of a four-year degree at UVU or at another college or university.  UVST Degrees
  2. Aviation Bachelor of Science - see the Aviation Sciences website for more information on the aviation degrees.
  3. Aviation Associate of Applied Science - designed for those who plan to go directly into the workforce.
  4. Aviation Associate of Science - will transfer into the Aviation or other bachelor degree.
  5. Business Management Associate of Applied Science - a workforce-ready, non-transfer degree.  Business Management Degrees
  6. BS Emergency Services Management - see the Emergency Services Administration website for more information on the Emergency Services Management degree.
  7. BS Hospitality Management - see the Woodbury School of Business website for more information.
  8. Nursing - RN to BSN & MSN programs - see the Department of Nursing website for more information.


Are online courses like Independent Study?
No, online courses are semester based, meaning that they begin and end at the same time as on-campus classes. Most courses have deadlines for assignments and class work that can affect your grade if you miss them.

Will online courses count toward my degree?
Yes. UVU offers over 150 online courses with more under development. Some courses apply toward general education requirements and others apply toward specific degrees.

Do I have to login to my class at a specific time?
No. Online and TV classes can be accessed 24/7. Many of the courses do have scheduled dates for exams and assignments. It is wise to know these in advance and to put them in your calendar.

How do I register for Online or TV courses?
Log in to myUVU.If you know the CRN for the courses for which you wish to register, you can click on Add/Drop classes and enter the CRN into the worksheet.

What is myUVU?
myUVU is the online campus portal that provides students, faculty, and staff with authenticated access to web-based content and services. You can register for classes, check e-mail, access online services, and use WebCT for your course content.

Is Financial Aid available for online courses? 

Yes. Financial aid is available to students who qualify. See the Financial Aid website.

Students can view and register for online courses by logging in at myUVU

UVU Students

Can I take classes for personal or professional interest?

Community Education
Community Education provides lifelong learning opportunities for individuals in the community and is dedicated to delivering quality non-credit services designed to enrich lives and strengthen the regional community and economy. Individuals participate in these courses and programs to advance their careers and to engage in personal and intellectual development. A large selection of non-credit courses, as well as special seminars, training programs and workshops are offered through Community Education. Some programs provide continuing education credit required for professional licensure. Classes are available both during the day and evening. Classes are available ranging from Backyard Birding, Social Media Marketing, How to Start Your Own Web-based Business, Oil Painting, to Dance and Fitness. Classes are offered in Utah Valley, North Valley and Heber Valley. To have a "Discover Community Education" brochure emailed to you go to or view and register for classes at the Community Education Department website at

Online Courses
Several online courses are available through the Community Education website including Medical Transcription/Billing and Coding, Command Spanish, Life Planning Workshop, Driver Education, and several community education and professional development courses. Visit for detailed information on course offerings, or contact Community Education at (801) 863-8450 or (801) 863-8012.

Conferences & Workshops
The Conferences & Workshops Department hosts a variety of events, often in conjunction with on-campus departments, and educational associations or businesses in the community. Workshops may range from Mac Training & Certification, Ski Instructor Training, Command Spanish, etc.

Elder Quest
Utah Valley University Elder Quest was organized in1992 and is modeled after the Institutes for Learning in Retirement. Sponsored by the College, members peer-teach or are taught by instructors who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Classroom, field study, and travel experiences combined with social activities provide lifelong learning in unique and companionable surroundings.

Turning Point
Turning Point/The Center for Personal and Career Development assists individuals from the university and community. Some are experiencing life challenges such as death, divorce, separation, abandonment, disability, unemployment and under-employment. This is a program that can enrich your life. Classes and services help participants in transition move toward emotional and financial security. Classes offered include Successful Life Management, Personal Development, Professional Development, Managing Life Transitions, Anger Management, Tools for Teens, Marriage and Pre-Marriage Workshops. An intake interview is a one-on-one meeting with a consultant who will discuss an individual’s unique needs and resources that are available in the community, university and through the Turning Point program. For more information or to set up an intake appointment call 801-863-7580.