Mission Statement

The Geomatics Program degrees will prepare students for a profession in Geomatics and Geospatial Science on a state, regional, national and international level in public, private, and academic settings.

As a part of Geospatial sciences Geomatics students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in data acquisition, modeling, analysis, integration, and management of geospatial reference data used to produce deliverables for land surveying, civil engineering, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), geodesy, and remote sensing.

Department Goals

  • Maintain a minimum ratio of 1:1 - Geomatics Jobs to Geomatics Graduates.
  • Encourage undergraduate students to pursue a Geospatial or related graduate program
  • Assist each Geomatics student in obtaining professional engaged learning opportunities.
  • Increase the number of students enrolled in the Geomatics Program to 60 by 2025

Program Background

The Geomatics program at UVU began its journey in 1967 when faculty member Russ Black began teaching surveying using donated transits from the Army Corp of Engineers. From this surveying field course sprang surveying and civil engineering drafting courses which are taught today as a part of the Drafting Technology degrees offered by the Engineering Graphics and Design Technology department here at UVU. The four-year degree Geomatics program at UVU was developed based on industry standards and practices, other notable Geomatics programs throughout the United States, and from experienced surveyors.

Russell Black teaching