Surveying and Mapping Program Mission Statement

Provide a strong foundation of principles and practices of the surveying profession to prepare competent surveyors, mappers, and civil designers who serve the regional and global community.

Program Educational Objectives

Within three to five years of graduation, alumni of the program are expected to have:

  1. Demonstrated critical thinking ability in performing surveying, mapping, or civil design duties and responsibilities at a professionally competent level and to communicate technical information effectively in a professional team environment.
  2. Exercised prudent ethical judgement in professional decisions while protecting the land rights, title, and interest of the public.
  3. Advanced professionally by being given more responsibilities; or have successfully completed a graduate level degree.
  4. Demonstrated professional development through continuing education or earning certifications or professional licensure.
  5. Served in their professional organizations and/or local communities.

Program Student Outcomes

The Surveying and Mapping Program at UVU has adopted student outcomes (1) through (6) as listed in the ABET Criterion 3 and are considered appropriate at the time of graduation with the Bachelor of Science degree:

  1. An ability to identify, formulate, and solve broadly defined technical or scientific problems by applying knowledge of mathematics and science and/or technical topics to areas relevant to the surveying and mapping disciplines.
  2. An ability to formulate or design a system, process, procedure or program to meet desired needs.
  3. An ability to develop and conduct experiments or test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data and use scientific judgment to draw conclusions.
  4. An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
  5. An ability to understand ethical and professional responsibilities and the impact of technical and/or scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts.
  6. An ability to function effectively on teams that establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze risk and uncertainty.

A Look Back

The Surveying and Mapping program at UVU began its journey in 1967 when faculty member Russ Black began teaching surveying using donated transits from the Army Corp of Engineers. From this surveying field course sprang surveying and civil engineering drafting courses which are taught today as a part of the Engineering Design Technology degrees offered by the Architecture and Engineering Design department here at UVU. Bachelor and associate of science degrees in Geomatics were first offered from this department in the Fall semester of 2011 with 14 declared majors. Since then program has graduated over 30 students and enrollments continue to increase at an average rate of 10% per year. The four-year Geomatics degree was developed based on industry standards and practices, other notable Geomatics and Surveying and Mapping programs from around the United States and Canada, and from numerous experienced and respected surveyors. Today the program has changed its name to Surveying and Mapping for better public awareness and has expanded its accredited offerings to include three certificates; GIS, Civil Design and Surveying Technology, and Surveying Technology. We anticipate approval for an Associate of Applied Science in Surveying Technology sometime in the next year.

Russell Black teaching
Dan Perry (1982)