Results (11-20-2010)


  • Customer service
  • Open
  • Trustworthy
  • Out of the box
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • On the fly fixes & updates
  • Broad skillset
  • Tech savvy
  • Strong business process analysis skills
  • Excellent team
  • Collaborative environment
  • Solution provider
  • Ability to automate manual processes


  • Lack of communication
  • Resistance to processes
  • Data permissions
  • What is AIS? Vision-Purpose-Focus
  • Crisis management
  • Too busy
  • Over commits
  • Product quality
  • Always in test mode
  • Time & resource management
  • Does not play well in OIT sandbox
  • Communication / Covert operations
  • Personality conflicts
  • Competition


  • Clarify vision, focus & communication, with UVU and all OIT areas
  • Tell our story
  • Participate in all applicable committees
  • Create internal & external "Documentation"
  • Be strong magic contributor
  • Cross-train in AIS & W/Sys Admins & Service Desk
  • More IDM and AD integration
  • AIS and our systems must be "Audit Ready"
  • Be compliant with UVU Web standards
  • Implement enhancement process/versioning
  • Create structure & discipline for AIS Staff


  • Bus factor
  • Flight risk
  • Try's to be everything to everyone
  • Resistant to portfolio management
  • Fear of being put in a box - over managed
  • Lack of checks and balances with business office and data stewards
  • UVU dependency on AIS; which seems to lack standardization and consistency

Action Items for AIS (11/20/2010)

AIS Charter / Vision / Mission Statement

UVU's Automation & Integration Services provides services and systems that create seamless integration between out of the box software, internally developed programs, and other campus computing systems.

We are a service provider for UVU departments. Through the use of best practices and industry standards, we optimize human/computer interactions with software automation and integration, informed by business process analysis.

The AIS Department is a team of skilled individuals, whose experience with an extremely flexible toolset, combined with an open and collaborative environment, allow for quick custom solutions.

AIS operational standards

Maintain AIS strengths, strong customer service & "can do" attitude, cooperate and integrate within OIT.

Communicate with all involved parties when changes are requested, approved and completed. (cc: on status updates). Manage expectations, follow-up, follow through.

All new enhancement, project & task requests route through Portfolio Management system, begin training users to do this.

Document in the code and in the AIS documentation system; all changes, upgrades and version information.

All code changes require peer review and testing prior to moving to Prod Server when system allows.

Dedicate time and focus on #1 priority at least 4 hours per day.

Attend and participate in EAMT (Jim), SCORE ( ??? ), Reporting (Chris), Security (Landon) and TSC (Brett) meetings.

All support issues involving Mike, Chris and Landon require cross training with Jim, Brett or Brady who will document and submit them for review.

All projects are reviewed for campus profitability and priority prior to scheduling in Status board.

SCRUM meetings every morning...

AIS SWOT related tasks & accountabilities

Deadline Owner Task
DONE Jim Communication - Contact us page on /AIS with support info, enhancements, and send a message link
DONE Mike Communication - Create Tools page in UV Link, change under /AIS page
    Communication - Create transition plan for our products to Service Desk where possible
    Communication - Did you know… rotating tips & tricks on /AIS page
DONE Landon Communication - Status board integration with Tom’s system and e-mail for status changes
DONE Jim Communication - Tell the story on AIS/products on IDM, Admissions, Campus Connection, Credit Card system, automotive, issue room, etc… define solution/owner/support path/user comments…
DONE Jim Communication – update /ais/the ais team/ descriptions, certs, functional jobs in AIS
  Chris Communication and Security - Establish data steward table and permissions, keep updated and take to ??? meetings, keep files on data steward communications per project in AIS documentation system
DONE Mike Discipline & Structure - Establish Dept. Schedule, SCRUM time / daily priority review
DONE Jim Discipline & Structure - Review project charter document and create/recreate for projects we are currently involved in to establish versioning, project end parameters, etc…
DONE Landon Discipline & Structure - Status board upgrade, time tracking for systems support and dev.
DONE Mike Documentation - / version mgt system implemented with Mike, Chris & Landon
  ALL Documentation - docs regarding committees and meetings you attend to track changes, requests & needs etc…
DONE Mike Documentation- Verify / create / migrate test systems – vs – Prod systems where possible.
  Jim Explore the use and marketability of AIS developed tools within UVU and outside the Campus in partnership with Holland’s vision to capitalize on UVU’s technology and intellectual property.
  Chris Security - Do internal PCI audits on any applicable systems
  Chris Security & Stability - Verify backups of AIS servers and code repository for AIS code
  Brett Stability - Create WUG/Monitoring project to clean-up and verify existing system
DONE Mike Stability - Have Nathan’s group re-skin find people app on